Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita is over a year old now and with the PS4 on the horizon, and the handheld still neck-in-neck with the PSP on the Japanese sales charts, PSU takes a look at five reasons to buy a Vita right now.

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BeZdaBest1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

vita is a great device with a identity crisis ... hear me out....

its caught between
the handheld market(3ds main competitor)
cell phone market(the introduction of ps mobile & untapped 3g potential )
console (eventual remote funtion and console ports)
i feel as if sony is going to use the ps4 as a crutch to hold up the psvita..

psvita is spreading itself to thin trying to cover all base... its not doing particularly well..most would argue that isnt doing to good..most would argue that the psvita has some "aaa" titles..(uncharted.. resistance.g-rush.asscreed..&a mp;q uot;""cod ugh""" i personally love wipeout)... so why is it struggling..

i think they should focus on getting the games that will attract people.the hardware itself is appealing. but games still matter the most..

WhyWai881834d ago

I believe your phone also have identity crisis.. hear me out..

its caught between
a camera
a media player
& of cos a phone

BeZdaBest1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

i agree with you..BUT you can still buy featureless phones at next to nothing...but the vita is different.. what is the vita doing with its 3g/appstore(psm) nothing its a resource hogg..

the reason phone evolved were out of necessity..
would you rather be carrying a cell phone /mp3 player/camera.. or would you rather have all that in one... for the most part its been great.most people cannot go back to feature phones..

the psvita is doing nuthin great(expect for specs when only compared to the 3ds) look at the psp and the umd movies what happened to that

Dj7FairyTail1834d ago

with lack of exclusive killer apps or games to move units. 2014 better be better for Vita.

RankFTW1833d ago

PS Vita + PS Plus is the best combo ever. My only gripe is the price of the memory cards, I wish they were non-propriatery.

PeaSFor1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

my personal reasons.

1- Playing PsVita exclusive games(duh...)
2- Playing my digital ps1/psp game collection
3- Obvious interactivity with the PS4
4- Cross buy/save/play(like in Guacamelee)
5- Medias/apps

GameCents1834d ago

3 isn't applicable right now and is dependent on purchasing a $450 or so console. Pass.
Vita needs to be able to stand on its own. Currently, it is bombing everywhere outside Japan.

PeaSFor1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

your opinion dont matter when its MY PERSONAL reasons,
...even if it isnt released yet i will without a doubt get the ps4 on launch day.

the wii u is "bombing" EVERYWHERE......japan included..... but it wont stop me from getting it when a metroid/zelda will be released on it.

chrismichaels041833d ago

@ Gamecents - for a guy that claims Vita is "irrelevant", you go out of your way to click on, read and comment on every Vita article on N4G. Seems to me like the Vita is very relevant to your life considering how obsessed with it you are.

"currently it's bombing everywhere outside of Japan"
Oh and FYI.....if your going to continue going on your bitter fanboy rage against Vita, at least get your facts straight so you don't sound so ignorant and clueless. Sony has already reported the Vitas strongest sales have been in the US and Europe. Only recently have sales also picked up in Japan (since Sonys PSP is still selling strong in the Japanese market).

-GametimeUK-1834d ago

Next month I'm going to treat myself to one because of my ps+. Too good to pass.

Arai1834d ago

Ordering the crystal white AC III: Liberation bundle in 3 days from Amazon.
With import tax and Muramasa Rebirth limited edition it's going to cost me 650 USD.

Seriously expensive for a handheld, but hopefully I'll enjoy it.
I can see myself being lazy in bed streaming PS4 games to it, usage during flights, exclusive Vita games and the lot.

r211834d ago

Recommend waiting after E3. A vita price cut might be announced so best just wait till Sony's presentation is over.

-GametimeUK-1834d ago

Well, my birthday is the end of June so if a price drop is announced that would be a nice bonus :D

Agent_hitman1834d ago

Many gamers will buy PSVITA if they cut the price of it from $250 to $199.

Many Quad core tablets and smartphones these days have $199 price tag and you can play decent games with dazzling graphics like ShadowGun or Dead trigger.

In the case of VITA, the reason why it's not selling well is because it's pricey. Not because it doesn't have games, as a matter of fact there are plenty of VITA games out there. But sad truth is, none of those games are hardware seller..

Maybe if FFX remaster comes out, the VITA's fate with turn positive.

-GametimeUK-1834d ago

How is Uncharted not a system selling franchise, but a 10 year old HD touch up is? Sorry, but Vita needs more games specifically made for the Vita. HD remakes are welcome, though. Get a GT game on it and a GTA game.

imXify1834d ago

199$ with contract yeah.....

raytraceme1834d ago

the gpu's in these devices suck. The vita bar the ipad 4 is still more powerful than any portable device out there for the moment.

WhyWai881834d ago

LOL.. how many phone or tablet came with a price less than $200 contract-free?

GameCents1834d ago

Meh. People said the vita would sell bundles and loads at $250, that didn't happen. I doubt 199 would make much of a difference.

MastaMold1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

@Agent_hitman, $199 smartphones are what i call contract phones go buy an unlocked Galaxy S4 or Iphone 5 they cost double what a PS Vita cost. Alot of people dont understand what a smartphone really cost.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1834d ago

My only reason to buy Vita are its exclusives.

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