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WWE 2K14 gets a release date for next gen but not for the Wii U

Brash Games writes "2K Games first WWE title is headed to Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles later this year alongside the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions but there will not be a Wii U version". (PS3, PS4, Wii U, WWE 2K14, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ape007  +   776d ago
sigh... i hope the wiiu sales pickup, it's not funny how bad the 3rd party support is
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Myst  +   776d ago
I think this time Nintendo will have to show the support of reviving some older games that haven't been seen in a while. Through these older games with perhaps some new ideas then sales will pick up one would hope.

In terms of the topic it's been a while since I've played a WWE game I should at least rent one to test it out and see how far they've come.
AliTheSnake1  +   775d ago
I wonder if they're using a new engine Finally. Or next year is when we get a new engine.
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SOD_Delta  +   776d ago
The 3rd party support for Wii-U is looking bleak. Hopefully Nintendo can pick up the slack, but I don't see them finishing anything but last in its gen at it's current rate.

@Myst The last time I played a WWE game was Smackdown the Show for PS2
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Lior  +   776d ago
It's consoles like the ps3 and Xbox 360 with the wii u that will hold back games, Nintendo did not think about the future of the console properly. It worked with the wii but lack does not strike twice
insertnamehurr  +   776d ago
Finally someone who admits that the wiiU is in trouble! xD nintendo thought theyd make it with their new console and they forgot ppl arent falling for it like they did for the wii.
GraveLord  +   776d ago
3rd party support has always been bad on Nintendo consoles. I'm surprised it took this long for it to reach this level.
better hope wiiU picks up more memory.. When devs start using more than 1gb ram game over for the U.
R4pstar343  +   776d ago
How can people disagree with your statement it's the truth the second dva start pushing over 1gig or ram the wii u is in trouble and I'm a heavy nintendo fan
kupomogli  +   776d ago

They're disagreeing with it because it's not correct. It's obvious that the Wii U isn't going to look as good as the PS4 and Next Box, so the textures are going to be scaled down requiring less memory to be saved at once.
PigPen  +   776d ago
This is what I don't get, the Wii U has a few million sold as of now. PS4/Nextbox has none. By the time the consoles/game is released, the Wii U would have sold about a couple million more. If they're good with that decision, then I am good.
MasterCornholio  +   776d ago
But so far 3rd party games sold very poorly on the Wii U which is a trend that all Nintendo consoles seem to follow. This is the main reason why they are heavily backing two consoles that dont even exist yet on the market with heavy 3rd party support.

But anyways why are Nintendo fans getting uptight over a wrestling game? If 2k announced GTAV for next gen consoles and not the Wii U then i would be worried. But a wrestling game?
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StanSmith  +   776d ago
This "article" is scraping the barrel for hits.

WWE 2K14 is releasing on PS3 and 360 ONLY. No next gen versions have even been discussed, so this article has added that little tidbit to then take another pop at WiiU.

Getting real boring seeing things like this approved here.
Godchild1020  +   776d ago
So, no Vita or 3DS version either.
lilbroRx  +   776d ago
Yet that doesn't get included in the headlines. Just the Wii U.
torchic  +   776d ago
Take Two hardly ever release anything for handhelds.
evilhasitsway  +   776d ago
well on the new rumor with ps4 all games can be played with the vita so why release a copy for it if you can just do it through your ps4
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MrBeatdown  +   776d ago

After Googling it, I can't find any other confirmation of next-gen. Just PS3 and 360.
BALLARD32  +   776d ago
I was just about to ask the same thing. Don't know how this got approved. They haven't said anything about 2K14 on next gen consoles.
BeZdaBest  +   776d ago

StraightedgeSES  +   776d ago
Nintendo should bring fire pro wrestling to the Wii U
just-joe  +   776d ago
Or better yet, Capcom should bring back Saturday Night Slam Masters.
sarcastoid  +   776d ago
I like how any time a (yet another) franchise is announced it won't be coming to Wii-U, Nintendo fans seem to dismiss it by saying "It's been x years since I've even played one of those games" as if that somehow makes it okay. You Nintendo fans do know you can buy more than one console and that just because you've committed early to Wii-U doesn't mean you have to suffer the whole next gen, right?
PigPen  +   776d ago
It's not worth buying another console for.
R4pstar343  +   776d ago
It happens I'm a nintedo fan and I can admit they jumped the gun with the wii u with no AAA launch titles what were they thinking ... People are forgetting that the ps3 didn't sell 75 million over night it took 6 years ...there are millions up millions of people waiting for the next smash bros alone.. Not including Mario and Zelda...POWER DOES NOT SELL SYSTEMS GAMES SELL SYSTEMS ...I can almost bet the PS4 will have the same learning curve the wii I is having right now ..it's going to have a game drought just like (ALL SYSTEMS DO)
cedaridge  +   776d ago
They should have learned from Sony's mistake wit the ps3, Sony have. But for the most I agree with your comment.
SilentNegotiator  +   775d ago
Still comparing Wii U to Ps3, a system that NEVER had a single month as bad as Wii U's last 4 or 5, even when it was only available in the US for $600 for its first few months?

Also still counting on Nintendo franchises to save the Wii U, even though it didn't save N64 or Gamecube, because they sold well on the Wii being some of the only good core games available on a system that already had a massive install base?
evilhasitsway  +   776d ago
hopefully this game wont be garabage I just tried playing 13 on ps3 it took 15min to connect to the online then it wouldn't let me do cc or play a match so fuck 13 and 2k14 better fucking be worth paying for it im tired of these garabage ass games making it to the shelves when they should have been put in the garabage can.
evilhasitsway  +   776d ago
ok name of this article is that wwe game gets a next gen release date with out knowing when the next gen system comes out????
unicron7  +   776d ago
Wii-U is going to go through the same shit it did last gen, except this time without all the motion control hype and sales. 3rd party support is not going to happen if you're selling generation old tech at premium prices.
R4pstar343  +   776d ago
The wii u has 2 gigs of ram making it 4x stronger then a ps3 do your research
madjedi  +   776d ago
It has 4 times the ram as the ps3/360, of which only 1 gig is usable to games and it is slower than both the ps3 and 360's ram, not a advantage really.

"4x stronger" = jackshit when the cpu is inferior and a slightly better gpu(marginally better than 2008 tech isn't impressive).

If your going to be a smartass, make damn sure your right, because you will look like a total jackass otherwise.

Do your own fucking research.

This is to say nothing of it's other problems.

"stronger then a ps3" So we keep hearing, show some games that actually challenges top tier sony or ms exclusives. Till then it isn't even up to par with 7-8 yrs old systems.

As for devs struggling with the ps4, they have already praised it for how easy it is to code for, that is versus the ps3.

Unlike the wii u, 3rd party devs will be releasing games for the next gens quite frequently so i am expecting very little game droughts.

And with the amount of games still coming for ps3/360 alot of ps4/720 buyers will likely be going through this gens backlog for another year or 2.

Sony and ms fans aren't starving for games to play atm, if anything it is the opposite.
R3DRAIN89  +   776d ago
Would like to see a new Legends of Wrestlemania game.
WitWolfy  +   776d ago
My biggest regret is buying the Wii U.. 5 months and still no awesome exclusives to keep me interested... If things carry on like this then I guess I'll have to sell it for something I can actually use!
TheFamous1  +   776d ago
Wii U sucks at the moment, but that doesn't mean 1-2 years down the road it becomes a success - we all know people love their Mario games etc.
desertpunk86  +   776d ago
i been a nintendo fan since the snes and when the n64 came out i was ok with its lack of third party support,then when the gamecube came out i was ok with its lack of third party support then the wii which was again the same old story.

but the wii u is such a mess and the lack of third party support and criticism is the worst i seen since the n64 days if not worst.
Tzuno  +   775d ago
why everyone is throwing with rocks at them i mean they are the granddaddy of gaming whatever young kids say. i grew up with them and they made millions of kids happy with their games. i still love SuperNintendo is one of the greatest console for me, i hope they do good in this mess.
So then what does this say about the ps4 and next xbox release? that they will come out before October 29th?

Clarification would be awesome ^_^
werty34  +   775d ago
Will the PC version ever come out. Dammit consoles consoles consoles...smh
TBONEJF  +   775d ago
Jeezes are these DEVELOPERS that lazy?

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