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Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Max Payne 3 & NBA 2K13 Make 19 Million Loss

Take Two’s latest earnings call included some interesting information regarding the successes of a slew of big-budget releases. Despite all the positive news, however, it still wasn’t enough to see Take Two into the black. The company finished their financial year posting a net loss of £19 million. (BioShock: Infinite, Borderlands 2, Max Payne 3 , NBA 2K13, PS3, Xbox 360)

-Ikon-  +   775d ago
Only 19 million with that Behemoth GTA 5 around the corner?

Gee I wonder if the CEO of Take Two is shaking in his boots
HammadTheBeast  +   775d ago
Exactly. Guaranteed 10 mill sold, potentially double or triple.
AedanClarke  +   775d ago
I makes me wonder how big the budgets of these games were and how much has been spent on advertising...
kevnb  +   775d ago
That's why I can see a huge crash coming.
AedanClarke  +   775d ago
It wouldn't surprise me, honestly. And I think we need one to bring out the winners from the losers. It'd likely do wonders to bring out some good companies into the limelight, at least for a period of time before they start getting greedy and such. :P
PantherDST  +   775d ago
$19 Million is a total loss across all TT divisions. It is not related to only the games mentioned here. I hate when writers mislead readers with slanted information to entice readers to their site.
grailly  +   775d ago
yeah but TT did not put out many other games than these, and I wasn't under the impression that XCOM was a fail either.

anyway they'll be fine. 19mio is not that much of a loss and GTAV is around the corner. looking at their wikipedia page though, they do have a few studios not producing anything.
a loss can be also explained going into next gen.
MilkMan  +   775d ago
Can you see it? A CRASH is coming.
But I have an opinion as to why I think this is happening.
In short, the casual players are leaving and by casual I don't just mean Pop Cap gamers, I mean the folks that only got their Xbox's or PS3's to play COD with their buddies.

That well is dried up.
What you have left are the hard core hobbyist, the one that have always been there. I think budgets and games need to reflect this.

And realize that the social event known as COD is dying out.
Campy da Camper  +   775d ago
Honestly, a lot of devs are bloated and churning out the equivalent of summer popcorn movies. All flash no substance. I, for one, prefer lesser big budget affairs and enjoy movies like the kings speech. Quality acting and story married with superb writing.

Give me Journey, demons souls, little big planet, dishonored over call of duty or the later assassins creed games any day. Games such as these resonates with a gamer. I want to feel engaged in the playing. Sometimes, I find I just stop moving my character and zone out on the world. Give me that over flashy cut scenes and huge explosions any day.
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Statix  +   775d ago
Jesus christ, what does it take for game companies to turn a profit nowadays? Either there's some serious money mis-management going on, or these studios are WAY overspending on game development and/or marketing.
turgore  +   775d ago
Agreed. Those games have millions in sales, yet they cannot recoup costs. Hmm...
seanpitt23  +   775d ago
It's when games take 4+ years to make like infinite and max Payne 3 they got pushed back and delayed more times than I care to mention. Rockstar took a gamble with red dead with 6 to 7 years in development knowing they was going to lose money but luckily it was a fantastic game and a new setting (wild west/open world) so people bought it the above titles everybody's been there and done it so its not surprising.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   775d ago
Well the loss prob comes from GTA being in development during that time too. So you figure all those sakes are recouping the dev cost of those games and paying for GTA being in the oven. Chances are their next financial postings will be looking spectacular
grailly  +   775d ago
I wouldn't exactly say money mismanagement, but rather unexpected costs. look at how long the bureau and bioshock: infinite have been in development. They are never gonna recoup the money on xcom and I'm not sure bioshock infinite was profitable.
urwifeminder  +   775d ago
Max payne is the only game id get out of this bunch steam has spoiled me with its $10 and $15 games so now I just wait simple save massive dollars, im no longer buying on release day its not worth it console as well if some devs go broke I don't really care.
Campy da Camper  +   775d ago
I agree. I used to run out and buy the next new game back when this gen started. Learned my lesson the hard way. Now, I only buy those games that I have researched and followed closely. In 2007 or 2008 I always had 2-3 games pre-ordered at any given time.This year I have the last of us and infamous second son. That's it. Both have devs whose work I immensely enjoy and have proven to me that the games they make are crafted with great care.

The uncharted series is a blockbuster style which is usually not my type but its just so well made that I enjoy playing them. Sully and the set pieces are extrodinary. I have no doubt naughty dog will do the survival genre justice.
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grailly  +   775d ago
I get the idea, but there's definitely something special about playing and discovering a game at the same time as everyone else and discussing it with friends.
there's no way I'm not getting GTAV and the last of us day 1, but if you can afford to wait, game prices do drop really fast and not only on steam, console games can be found new for 20$ after 3-6 month.
vork77  +   775d ago
NBA made that much even though bieber is in it lol blame bieber
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Strongmad  +   775d ago
Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Max Payne 3 all great games and I bought all three. The games were big sellers and massively profitable. Its take two as a company that made the loss, smae they have to be bailed out every couple of years with GTA. I hope they stay in the black .. give me AAA
jagstatboy  +   775d ago
Hey guys, bad news for ya...it's 19 million pounds. That's $28,891,400

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