Project CARS Sails Away With Awolnation In Latest Trailer

Gaming Blend "A new trailer for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racing simulator Project CARS has gone live featuring music from Awolnation, the popular dubstep song “Sail”. The trailer is just a little over two minutes and does a fantastic job of tying the music to the gameplay, as high-end sports motor vehicles tear up the coastal lines in the fan-made trailer."

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Tr10wn1077d ago

This is a truly racing game.

Allsystemgamer1076d ago

You wake up on the wrong side if the bed

Dasteru1076d ago

And the "Troll of the Year" award goes to...

Enyxodin1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Hey, stop mocking him down! That looked awful, pretty much like a ps2 game...come on wash your eyes! The aliasing for example was terrible and the textures :-/
They weren't kidding when they said it was pre-alpha code... I believe it was a new track under construction because the prior gameplay trailers looked miles better!

Dasteru1076d ago

ROFL funny joke.

Even in this pre-alpha version, it still looks better than any other racing game, including Driveclub.

Triforce0791073d ago

Sony fan boy getting abit scared ??

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windblowsagain1076d ago

Looks good.

Going to be interesting race wise.


PigPen1073d ago

I want to know how many cars are going to be in this game.