Denis Dyack and Shadow of the Eternals- Trial By Internet


"There is a trial going on right now in cyberspace. And we are the jury.

At stake is the reputation of the man largely credited for the cult favourite Gamecube game Eternal Darkness and the future of the 'spiritual successor' to that title which is struggling for backers on Kickstarter, Shadow of the Eternals.

But the question is if the trial by the internet community is even valid or right, or simply a case of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbel's 'if you repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth'."

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gaminoz1672d ago

I can't believe that one article can cause so much doubt. Game makers have failures or say silly things all the time, but it doesn't sink their next project.

BadCircuit1672d ago

There has never been any evidence that what Kotaku alleges ever happened! I'd sue them

gaminoz1672d ago

Id say after suing Epic and losing he wouldn't want to do that route again

BadCircuit1672d ago

On the internet, anything can be true. It's all perception....

Belgavion1672d ago

It's a crying shame if Shadow of the Eternals ends up buried because of this...

BadCircuit1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I can't believe a project can be so criticised just because of one guy who is involved

Activision would have chased any money that was "pilfered" so clearly it is a lie.

DeusExer1672d ago

Remember not too long ago the guy from MS was going on a Twitter rampage telling people to deal with having to be always online.

One person can do a lot of damage.

gaminoz1672d ago

I do think they would have got more pledgers if they had put it on XBLA and PSN though

Proeliator1672d ago

Hmmm... not sure where I stand.

BadCircuit1672d ago

Because you don't think you like the guy or because you think he did something illegal?

Do you think the kickstarter is a money grab?

Rhaigun1672d ago

I wouldn't support anything with this guy attached. He spouts more lies than Peter Molynuex. Instead of taking any responsibility for how bad Too Human and Xmen Destiny were, he blames it all on an engine everyone was using this gen. An engine,mind you, that spawned countless AAA hits.

He also claimed that his team had modified the engine so much, that Epic had no claims to licensing fees. Which, if you look at footage of both, you can clearly see isn't the case. Why? Because they resemble every other Unreal game on the market.

dcbronco1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Joseph Goebbel was a propaganda genius. A complete a-hole. But he understood that people can easily be manipulated. And the Internet makes it easier than ever.