Naruto Storm 4: Suggestions & Predictions

Naruto Storm 4 Suggestions & Predictions. Some very good points made, so check it out.

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Shadonic1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I want clashing and the wall fighting with a more balanced combat. That dashing in mid air made it worse. You dont have to sacrifice awesome things such as these for faster combat and to fix any issues that may come with constant clashing online just add in the charging bar you had in your first installment or create mini clashes.

trenso11614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

yea i still think storm 1 was the best one.
-wall fighting
-more health bars
-awakenings could be thrown and have ultimates used on them
-awakenings had specials
-you could substitute with chakra and not the stupid sub bar they put in

KingKelloggTheWH1615d ago

I want the open world back,character creation and more deep combat that is more balanced.

e-p-ayeaH1614d ago

open world like Infamous not just some villages and pathways i mean an actual world map where you can jump, climb, fights against random ninjas, hidden items/unlockables, etc all that good stuff.

And more importantly - 2/4 team player co-op - organize a team with other players and complete various missions troughout the world map.

4 player versus matches also i would apreciate.

radecGaming1615d ago

is this game coming to vita?

Jaqen_Hghar1615d ago

A man wishes they would wait till the anime was over and just make the next game then for PS4.

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