Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 10/3 – 16/3

The PSP has topped the Japanese hardware chart for the week ending the 16th of March. The latest Media Create figures show that Sony's handheld sold 57 651 units, up from last week's 53 924 units.

Last week's winner the Wii moves down into second place with 55 845 units, dropping from last week's 57 068 units. The Nintendo DS takes third place on the chart with 53 266 units in comparison to 48 658 units last week.

The PS3 tumbles from 21 008 units last week to 14 934 units. The PS2 sells 9 930 units (10 429 last week) and the Xbox 360 limps along with 1 744 units (2 891 units last week.)

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sonarus3922d ago

wii demand is slowing eventually it will rest at 40,000 a week. PS3 demand needs to increase 14,000 is TERRIBLE. Sales this time of the yr aren't particularly high but ps3 needs some top notch rpg's. Eternal sonata, white knight chronicles, and final fantasy assuming it hits this yr. Final fantasy has the ability to regenerate the playstation in JP. However a price drop certainly wouldn't hurt at this point. MGS4 should also help to boost sales but not on final fantasy levels

The gaming GOD3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

MGS4 will help some, But the Japanese REALLY love their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. So yeah, FF will have a monumental impact that Metal Gear won't (even though MGS4 will sure have an impact of its own)

But the Wii demand will slow for the simple fact that almost everyone in Japan probably has it by now lol

P.S.- What the hell Sonarus? I could have sworn you had more than 5 start up bubbles

killer_trap3922d ago

14,000 in the next week of yakuza's release is kinda worrying me. the ps3 should be doing a much better job in japan. to think a system with GT, hot shots golf, virtua fighter and devil may cry isn't selling well is a bit disappointing. usually those games drive a sony system in a +60,000 per week. something is not right here.

sonarus3922d ago

@gaming god nope always had 5. In fact had one at some point back when it was just a bubble stealing frenzy on n4g.

well this isn't exactly video game season in JP. Ps3 still hasn't seen that one stand out game to make people want to buy it. WKC could definetly be that game. Its on the famitsu most wanted list, eternal sonata as well was also on that list, MGS4, DMC4, GT5, these are games that move units for playstation. But sony needs a price cut regardless, they need to start chasing after the wii. If they issue a price cut when WKC hits they should see improved sales for quite sometime

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dale13922d ago

it is in the uk they have started advertising now theres a first

mikeslemonade3922d ago

Wii always had most demand here in the U.S. for like the past year. You can walk into a Japan store and buy Wiis.

actas1233922d ago

Are these rough etimates (like Vcharts)?

The gaming GOD3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Nah man,

Media Create is the Japanese equivalent to the NPD of America and the GFK of Europe.

They only do final counts and more exact numbers

heyheyhey3922d ago

no, media create is the most accurate chart tracker for Japan

these are legit digits

heyheyhey3922d ago

man the next-gen push in Japan is slowing considerably

it used to be a consistent 35,000 for the PS3 and 5,000 for the 360- meaning 40,000 next-gen units sold in total

now however, that's gone down to 15,000

i guess WKS and FF should sort that out

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