G.Skill doing 8 and 16GB DDR2 RAM kits

G.Skill has announced two new kits with 8 and 16GB capacities. Both of these kits work at 800MHz with 5-5-5-15 latencies at 1.8V.

According to the G.Skill press release these kits are aimed at professional users, since there are a handful of applications and motherboards that can use this amount of memory. These two kits are guaranteed to work on AMD's 790FX, 780G, 690G, Nvidia's 590 and 570, as well as Intel's P35, X38 and X48. They come either as 4x 2GB modules or as 4x 4GB modules using a 6-layer PCB.

Before you decide to buy any of these kits, be sure to check out your manual since there are some boards that only support up to 8GB of memory, and be sure to go for a 64-bit OS. Both of the kits are cooled by G.Skill's red aluminum heatsink's and come with lifetime warranty.

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