Gamedaily: Grand Theft Auto IV Feature Driveby - Several New Features in Grand Theft Auto IV

Gamedaily writes: Grand Theft Auto IV is a mere five weeks away from hitting retail, ready to thrust gamers back into the seedy underbelly of a criminal lifestyle. Recently, we took a closer look at new information from the game, which we're happy to share with you.

One interesting new aspect to GTA IV is the ability to use a police computer to your advantage. To do this, you'll have to steal a police vehicle, which isn't as easy as it looks. If a cop leaves it simply sitting there, you'll have to hightail it away from him before finding a spot to hide and utilize the in-vehicle equipment. Of course, if you're a little more violent about it, you can test your luck taking out the cop in order to obtain the vehicle. The computer search works by putting in the name of a specific person. As a result, you'll find precious information that comes in handy during your mission, such as an address or other details. You can then mark the location on your interactive map and use the in-game GPS system to get there – if the cops don't happen to take up pursuit first."

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Lifendz3921d ago

but his character has grown on me. The anticipation for this game couldn't be any higher.

P4KY B3921d ago

The day the earth stood still.

Gazman3921d ago

The day no-one got any sleep, and with mid night launches it may happen. I know EB games is having one.

SUP3R3921d ago

Is that in the US? Cuz I'm trying to find out if GameStop is having one in NY, but I haven't heard anything yet.

Cyrus3653920d ago

I wonder if GTA IV will have the kind of effect like Halo 3 did on movies, ie..Will Iron Man which comes out like May 2nd or May 4th I forget, suffer as a result?