SEGA Genesis emulator for the iPhone

Previously we had Super Nintendo emulation for the iPhone. Now ZodTTD is working on Sega Genesis emulator called genesis4iphone. The project is still an early beta, however it should be released sometime later this year. It emulates both Genesis and Sega games.

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PS360WII3917d ago

That's cool but they still haven't released the snes emulator on iPhone and the psx emulator doesn't work with any roms really :( and the gba one is bunk. So far only the NES one is the working one.

Perkel3917d ago

nope dude, every Emulator working fine exept PSX (slow FPS)


Zodttd u best ^^

currently i'm playing chrono trigger :) (best rpg of square)

PS360WII3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

you must be a paying customer of theirs for I just went into the installer app and only NES, PSX and GBA are available as of right now. They are still working on the public release of SNES and this Genesis one.

I have many psx roms that work well on my pc by do not work at all on the iPhone (all of them) same goes with the gba's :(

kewlkat0073917d ago

that keeps me away is the lack of real Button/Keys.

"touchscreen only" just does not do it for me. I like things that I buy to be at least "Functional for Me", just like certain games I will not buy with my next-gen consoles because of the controllers.

First things first. Practicality and functionality for me.

I wonder how this plays.

PS360WII3917d ago

It took some getting use to with the nes emulator but after you play it a bit it's really easy to get past the whole 'no button' thing. Just like typing really. The keyboard is easy flowing and the touch screen is actually pretty responsive over where you are hitting it.

kewlkat0073917d ago

and it does take a lil to get used to but there is something about the "response" you get when hitting a Button, instead of just touching something that evokes no feeling.

I think the "Verizon Voyager" vibrates when you touch it and such...

I can't see myself playing games without hitting something. There is that disconnect there, I can't explain bu I know I'm not alone.

PS360WII3917d ago

Yeah I hear you on that. Tactile feel is a nice thing specially during important moments in games. Knowing you hit it vs thinking you hit it.

-Neon-3917d ago

Ah...One of my favourite consoles to be emulated. I wonder how Dune2 would play on it....


didnt somebody scrap this piece of crap phone....

Monchichi0253917d ago

Where can I get the NES emulator?