A Better Look At MGS4's "Steel" PS3

Kotaku writes: "We've seen scans, but they were small. And the colours looked a bit off, didn't look very "steely". Here, then, are some proper shots of the "Steel" edition of the PS3, which will be available as part of the Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. Looks...well, like gun-metal, really. Highly appropriate. Console's above, with a pic of the "Steel" DualShock 3 after the jump".

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The Closing3834d ago

Now that is the best looking console to date.

Lifendz3834d ago

but this is certainly a nice looking machine. Say what you will about Sony, but you gotta agree they make a very sleek looking machine.

ddldave3833d ago

i like the color, sony really knows how to keep it clean.... rather than sticking stickers and stuff all over making it riced out like 360'ers.

yesah3833d ago

its missing the shiny strip, and personally i think black is better, they shoulda made it chrome....omg it'd look so pimp

Sev3833d ago

That looks so badass. I love gun metal.

Milky3833d ago

Oh how much I would love 'metal gear solid 4 limited edition' at the bottom of muy ps3.

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Lord Anubis3834d ago


Ps3 is the new black, it matches with every colour.

I still prefer the piano black but the steel look rather nice.

kingofps33834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

A blue PS3 will be nice.

damnwrx3834d ago

Doable! But, I'm good with my 60gig.....

Bonsai12143834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

gunmetal is the best color name ever. like gunmetal predator manias. best soccer cleats (or football boots) ever made

i'm more a fan of the black. (wipes off dust from ps3)

i like the metal gear 4 print on the bottom. very subtle yet noticeable

iAmPS33833d ago

OMG, now I will have 3 PS3's =D

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The story is too old to be commented.