Hail to the Chimp Developer 1UP Blog

Wideload Team writes: "Crazy stuff happening all over the place. Gamecock had their big press event last week, and some of the press from that should be landing on the web over the next few days. The Wideload staff who attended tell me that Hail to the Chimp met with a very positive reception.

I have this urge to talk about some of the stuff Wideload gets up to on a day-to-day basis. The weird shenanigans certain members of our staff delight in. Like our artist Aaron and his insistence on emailing LOLcats to everyone at every opportunity. Or some of the weird in-jokes that spring up over the course of development, which are perhaps not funny unless you've been locked in the same room for months, trying to beat a game into shape. Because a sustained creative effort like this does funny things to a man's mind".

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