High def movies take 15 mins to download

Xbox Live high definition movie downloads should take between 15 minutes and half an hour to download by the end of the year on some broadband services, according to Virgin Media and Microsoft today.

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Genesis53925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Yeah and with that 20 Gig hard drive you'll be lucky to fit one on. Not trying to sound rude or anything. But this would really only apply to Elite owners. So do they want everyone to by an Elite?

sonarus3925d ago

well its not true HD so the movie files are no where near 50GB. I can't even remember the sizes havn't been there in a while. Think it is like 3GB. However though i will believe it when i see it

killax35633925d ago

Ummm....broadband penetration in US households is only 22%. In Europe, its only 20%. Don't believe me? Read the following link.

And the US defines 'broadband' as only 200kbs or faster (i lost the link that says this; take some time to search google, its out there). No way u can download a high-def movie with that type of bandwidth in 15minutes.

Lifendz3925d ago

What about the people that don't even have a HDD? I guess they don't get to jump in. What about the people with only a 20 gig drive? I guess they get one movie at a time. That is unless they want to overpay on that 120gb drive MS offers. Wow....Digital Distribution is soooo going to replace blu-ray. I mean, I love having to wait 15 minutes to download a movie when I could easily just pop a disc in my PS3.

MS, let it go. This is only going to appeal to a small segment of the 360 base. Offer a blu-ray add-on already and be done with it. Your games are restricted to DVD9 and devs can't develop for a system with standard HDD but at least you can offer your customers the chance to watch great high def movies.

gonzopia3925d ago

I'd love it if this were true, but this story is ridiculous. A true high definition experience is not a compressed file that ends up being 2 or 4GB. A true 1080P high definition movie is upwards of 20GB, and when I see a 20GB movie being downloaded in 15 minutes... you can sign me up. Especially if there's no cap on that.

Sadly, that's just not the case here. We're talking about heavily compressed files here. Don't tell me you can't see the difference. If you can't - you likely shouldn't own an HDTV to begin with.

Yes, I know MS fanboys would love it if Blu-ray failed, but it's going to take another form of PHYSICAL media to make it happen, not digital downloads.

power of Green 3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I don't understand your point?. You only need to download one movie at a time and you can start watching them only 3 or 4 minutes after you start. lol.

Bottom line is many movie watchers only rent.

Its the future you don't know what folks are working on.

Movie rental companies would have never tooken off with logic like that. I'v always said both formats will loose to DDL's.

If movie watchers are ever allowed to own Digital rights to movies from servers in a mass wide spreading market its over for physical DVD's period. The next Xbox is surely going to be designed unlike anything anybody has ever dreamed.

You dissagree that I don't understand his point?. You dissagree with being able to stream movies as fast as a couple of minutes? and you don't need to Download dozens of movies at a time if you're a avid renter vs collector?. XBL is taking off.

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chaosatom3333924d ago

First: ARCADE USERS DON't have a hard-drive, so forget about renting. Since your god i.e Microsoft has dropped the price of Arcade version, arcade will eventually sell a lot.

second "by the end of the year on some broadband services"
by the end of year? really, because sony is going to start steaming movies in the summer from HOME.

third: how did they get 15 mins or half-an-hour. It's related to how fast your dsl is. For some people ps3 updates takes like 45 mins, for me it's takes 15 mins.

foruth: you're forgetting BD live functionality, you can play games online related to movie, download ringtones and do other stuff. This adds value.

if DLC is the future that u say, then sony will be there. It's has the upgradeable hard drive for lots of movie to store. Plus they use blue-ray to give lots of space for games.

if you think that DlC content is competing with blue-ray directly then forget it.

FirstknighT3924d ago

"I mean, I love having to wait 15 minutes to download a movie when I could easily just pop a disc in my PS3."

Actually you have to get on your bicyle and ride down to the nearest Best Buy or Blockbuster and pick up the movie and ride back. Maybe stop by 7-11 and pick up some cheetos with a cherry slurpee and than go home and thaaaaaaaaan pop a disc in your ps3. By than I would of already finished watching the movie that I downloaded. :)

Biphter3924d ago

WOW! can you download the cheetos and Slurpee over Xbox live as well? Thats cool!

Why do all you folks loving the Xbox 360 think Sony wont counter this just because they have Blu Ray? Sony have the hardware better suited to offering downloadable Movies (And music for that matter), main point being that every PS3 has a HDD. Sony also own a big slice of the movie pie, they can jumpstart ahead of Microsoft in an instant just by offering their own movies. Sony aren't going to rest on their laurels with Blu-Ray. But they understand Blu-Ray is now and DLC is later so aren't in a rush. You might all end up touting DLC as an MS plus then find that Sony come jumping in to take the crown...

power of Green 3924d ago

What happend to the mods this post isn't really about Blu-ray.

killax35633924d ago

Read the article. The article mentions that the broadband penetration rate is 22.1% for the US.

Rama262853924d ago

"That link you gave, it refers' to EU, NOT USA.

That includes the farmers up on the hills in Italy... Now, I don't think broadband penetration is going to be all that high in the alphs."

That comment is HILARIOUS lol Trying to pretend that America doesn't have hills or mountains, or towns/villages that aren't remote lol lol I think there is a saying about glass houses....

SL1M DADDY3924d ago

I dissagree with your being able to download true HD movies at all. In fact, the average download plays at the same speeds as DVD (6Mbps) and a true HD movie like BD has a bitrate of about 24 to 40. Just taking that into account you can see that if I am going to spend 1500 to 2500 dollars for an HDTV capable of true 1080p then I am certainly not going to settle for crap downloads that don't do true HD.

As for the 20 min. downloads for HD movies, one they're not rue HD and second, they would need to be downloaded through a cable connection, not DSL or any other slower network connection. That is why they say through only some services will this be available.

le killer3924d ago

what's true hd? oh ofcourse it's the resolution that sony says is hd lol. have you watched a movie at 720p yet?? because it's pretty damn good! if the 360 had stayed at sd, and sony had launched saying that 720p was the business, you and all the othe sony boys would be talking about 720p like it was the next sliced bread!!

Genesis53924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I have no problem what so ever with DD's. I was just wondering how much HDD space they took up. I was just reading that after the gigs that the OS uses. There is only a little over 10 gigs of free space left.(on the 20 gig model)

My question was that if you had many DLC's on your HDD with an xbox pro. Could you fit the movies on? I think my questions have been answered. It is possible. But a little more space wouldn't hurt.

So ummmm. Enjoy the movie.

ITR3924d ago

Not correct.
The FCC says broadband is now 768kbps.

The Wood3924d ago

at the hardcore crowd again if I'm honest because movie collectors by definition, collect. You just cant do that with DD. Personally, even if sony done the same thing I still wouldn't care and in Europe most ISP's have download limits and traffic shaping at certain times of the day. Too much agro if you ask me. Hard copy for HD movies please with ALL the extras. I, like many, love directors commentary. What? have I got to download them separately or something. Keep it. I actually like to see the sky and leave my house daily.

The Killer3924d ago

yet they talk about broadband services which its not in the mass market yet, also many people dont have internet at all!!

and what about the cost of broadband??

its not bad try from MS but this is not the solution, its just to say that they have an answer to blue ray!!

tk3924d ago

He just needs to put the popcorn bag on top of his XB360. When it RRoD it will be so hot that it will get the popcorn ready in no time. And you would still be in the queue to pay for your popcorn.

Where his point will fail is that his XB360 will have to be send in - two weeks waiting time - and the digital download will not be on the machine that he will be getting back. Sucks eh?

Blitzed3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Rogers (a major ISP) has just capped usauge by the month with the average plan being capped at 60G per month. Above the cap comes with a charge per G. Bell (the other major ISP) is going to follow suit. That is going to make DDL expensive in Canada when an HD movie is 20G.

tordavis3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Sonaris are you an idiot? What do you mean it's not 'True HD'? Have you downloaded any HiDef movies on Xbox Live? 720p IS 'True HD'. Both 720p and 1080p are TRUE HD! Where do you get your knowledge from, cereal boxes?


WTF is wrong with you people!?!?!? I've never seen so many nonsensical, idiotic posts in my life.

First, 720p IS TRUE HD! 720p was the first HD standard. Are you saying that if you are watching CSI in HD it's not TRUE HD but some other hybrid form of a video standard?!? Anyone in this post that said 720p is not 'True HD' is a complete idiot and should have all posting rights in the Gamer Zone revoked.

Secondly, bitrate doesn't have a damn thing to do with how good the video looks. BD NEEDS a high bit rate to get the data off of the slow spinning disk. Do you even know what Bitrate means? Ask any tool and they'll tell you that the larger the bitrate, the better the movies look but that's just not the case. Tons of data needs to be moved across the wire to display HD video. BD disks spin SLOW. So if you've ever wondered why BD needs such a high bitrate, it's to compensate for the slower spinning drive to get that data over to the screen. HD-DVD had a slower bitrate because the drives spun faster. HD in general needs a higher bitrate because of the large amounts of data. HD video that is already on the hard drive will use the existing bitrate of the hard disk to move the data. That's why you can watch perfectly clear HD via Bittorrent, iTunes and Xbox Live

Lastly, Xbox Live Video Marketplace is targetted to people who like to RENT movies! It's not for people who want to purchase. So there is no need to have a huge hard drive if you only want to rent 1 or even 2 films and watch them one night. You rent it, download it, start watching it in about 5mins and when the movies done, you erase it. Rental finished. No driving to Blockbuster, no wasting gas or time.

BTW, for all of you idiots who don't think we have the bandwidth to download these HD movies on Xbox Live, check out Verizon FiOS. I have it and I have a 20mbs download and a 5mbs upload. I can download these Xbox Live movies in under 15mins and have done so before.

You fanboys are full of it and I'm tired of you posting false knowledge and FUD on this site. Get your [email protected]!ng heads out of your @$$es for crying out loud!

Blitzed3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Whike technically you are correct that 720p is High Def, the term 'True HD" is usually reserved for 1080p.

I was just sitting here eating some Cheerios and noticed that was written on the back of the box.

titntin3924d ago

congratulations on making the most hideously misinformed post I think I've ever seen on this site.

Your completely nonsensical explanation of bitrate has to be the funniest thing I've ever read, and very clearly demonstrates you have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of anything technical.

A simply web search on bitrate would have shown you have no understanding, and might have saved you making yourself looking such a fool. Bitrate has EVERYTHING to do with quality. Compression only exists because bitrate is limited - otherwise everything would be fully uncompressed.

Having viewed so called HD material from the live network , you don't need excellent eyesight to see that its compressed and lower res. It is not even close to a picture form a Blu ray or a HD DVD disc, and only the truly blind and ignorant could possibly claim otherwise.

I'm sure more than one reader of your rant would have chuckled at the irony of you trashing people spreading technological untruths, whilst simultaneously spreading utter BS that even a 12 year could see straight through.

Blitzed3924d ago

Dude you need to relax. I dont think anyone would say that 720p is not HD, 98% of all the games we play in HD are 720p. However the term 'True HD' or 'Full HD' was coined with the invent of 1080p, that was my point. I am not taking anything away DDL, I actually like it, however we have differing opinions on how quickly it will be adopted by the general public. My arguments stem from general familiarity and the usage cap many ISPs are instituting (its the new long distance).

When shooting HD televison (which I have been doing for a long time) I can assure you the term 'True HD' or 'Full HD' is reserved for 1080p wether you like it or not. How that opinion should have my Gamer Zone status revoked, I dont know, but the way you are feverishly defending DDL and getting yourself angered to the point that you are; you should reexamine your definition of Fanboy and take a look in the mirror.

sonarus3924d ago

I am honestly tired of this debate. 360 fanboys will always blindly follow microsoft. Yes it is nice to be able to download but nothing beats a good old fashioned blu ray drive.
If you just want to go around renting movies, then that's cool but some of us like to own. I could rent some movies i only want to watch once but then again i might as well jst dwnload it on my pc. Stream it to my 360/ps3 from there???

DD is not as important as you think. Blu ray is vastly superior in quality and in value. There is far more satisfaction to be had in owning that blu ray than renting your movie on live even if it just takes 15mins because there are movies you may want to watch more than once. Sure its great for tv shows but not for movies.

Agree or not we all know if microsoft sanctioned a blu ray drive you would all run to buy it. Starting with power of green and first knight. Then they will be saying its all about business and msoft works for the consumer bla bla. Stop defending and just open your mouth and complain to msoft that you want that blu ray drive and it will happen

toughNAME3924d ago

Like it or not, DD will be the end of Blu Ray.

Not if, but... how soon?

yesah3924d ago

So a movie that takes up 20 gigs on a Blu Ray Disc will have the same quality as a 2 gig download? And if they offer full out 20 gig movies, you gunna wait for that download? how long does it take you to download something like that on the computer? you gunna store all those movies on your hard drive? don't be an idiot, Microsoft would have been better off going Blu. DD Will Die.

IcemanK23924d ago

I have gone through and had all the technology.

(VHS - VHS Hi-Fi - LazerDisc - DVD - Blu-Ray)
(Stereo - Dolby Surround - Dolby Pro-Logic - DTS - Dolby 5.1 - DTS HD)

There is one reason for each transition, wanting better quality and realism. I don't want to take a step back in quality just for convenience because I want the absolute best home theatre experience. If DD can bring me the best Picture/Sound combo in the most convenient form then I am on board but until then I will always gravitate towards the best quality experience, it's that simple.

potenquatro3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

i don't know alot,but i've been downloading hd movies on my 20ghdd xbox for 3 years now. and i dont live in usa or a big city. and i can start watching them 10-50 minutes after u start downloading. alot of people talking out their arse and looking stupid imo. don't trust people that don't have the console and put it down.

gixxxer3924d ago

If you want to download an HD movie, 720p and or 1080p with full DTS surround or even uncompressed lossless audio and all extra features, aslo think about blu-ray live features you're talking about 20gigs+. Guess they mean something like 720p with 5.1 crappy audio ye maybe it will take 15mins for like 10% of the community that has a freaking fast inet connection.

And there is the problems of storage. Don't see myself downloading all this stuff and then having the problem that I can't install any demo's or that I have to throw the movie away I just bought..Seriously just go with a blu-ray addon or something.

Just my 2 cents.

Blitzed3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

As I've said before, I hate to disagree with a fellow fan of the Buds (especially now, we have to stick together- off topic- are you Leaf Nation or Tank nation?), but I will have to disagree. I assume you live in Canada, and through that I will assume your ISP is ether Rogers or Bell. That means you will now have a usage cap of ether 60G or 95G depending on your plan. That means even with the higher end packages that provide a usage cap of 95G with DDL, you will be caped at approx. 4 movies (full HD etc.), whatever is left will be used with regular net usage (email etc.) not to mention the usage you eat up spending time gaming online. everything above that is $2 a gig which means $40 a movie. This is not a anti-360 or anti-MS thing, Sony plans to provide DDL through Home as well but will run into the same obstacles with the general movie viewing public who ether want the best quality or cant afford the net usage to download regularly. DDL is definitely the future but not the immediate future. It will be awhile before its adopted by the general public and the plans provided by ISPs.

EDIT actually it will only be $25 dollars for that 5th movie as the usage overage is also capped at $25.

beoulve3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I downloaded 7gb in 150KBps which translate to 80% of 1.5mbps and It take me 13 hours to finish download and that's the speed twice the average broadband speed.

Just do a rough estimate

7 * 1024 * 1024 / 150 * 60 * 60 = 13.59 Hour

where does this 15 minutes time come from? 50mb download speed. Please, that will hit a hole in your wallet. I rather buy the disc to pay such high price on internet

gonzopia3924d ago

"Like it or not, DD will be the end of Blu Ray."

Let's be clear here... this DD technology is great, and the fact you can get good quality movies via DD is fantastic. It's NOT the same quality as Blu-ray, however, so it may be an acceptable alternative for some - but it's not going to end physical media (yet).

jadenkorri3924d ago

its gonna be interesting to see where movie download rentals are gonna go

tgh machines3924d ago

compare 15 mins to going to the store, find the disk, waiting in line, then coming back.

toughNAME3924d ago

I'm not saying in X number of years Blu Ray will officially be replaced Digital Distribution, I just mean its nothing but a physical format and they constantly come and go.

This isn't my opinion on which is better, but one can only assume that like CDs, Blu Ray will eventually be replaced by my ethernet cable.

And I hate to say it but I'm probably more of a Tank Nation. Don't get me wrong I bleed blue and white but until this team makes some major changes they don't DESERVE to make the playoffs. The best thing to do would be to get rid of Sundin, but I wouldn't be surprised if I cried if we did:P

shelbygt333924d ago

I'm laughing at all you clowns that bought into the marketing play that "true HD" or "full HD" has to mean 1080p. The marketers job here was done fantastically well. Most of the people here seem to have bought into it.

tordavis3924d ago

I do my homework friend. I know what bitrate means and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH QUALITY and everything to do with getting the data on the screen or in our speakers. High definition films require higher bitrate because there is more data going over the wire. If Blu-Ray had the same data rate as DVD we'd never see anything moving at 24fps.

Are you trying to say that HD-DVD has a lower quality than BD because it has a lower bitrate? They are both compressed using VC1 so you'd be an idiot to think that.

From Wiki:

In digital communication systems, the gross bitrate, raw bitrate, data signaling rate or line rate is the total number of physically transferred bits per second over a communication link, including useful data as well as protocol overhead.

Audio (MP3)

* 32 kbit/s — MW (AM) quality
* 96 kbit/s — FM quality
* 128–160 kbit/s — Standard Bitrate quality; difference can sometimes be obvious (e.g. bass quality)
* 192 kbit/s — DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) quality. Quickly becoming the new 'standard' bitrate for MP3 music; difference can be heard by few people.
* 224–320 kbit/s — Near CD quality. Sound is nearly indistinguishable from most CDs.

[edit] Other audio

* 800 bit/s — minimum necessary for recognizable speech (using special-purpose FS-1015 speech codecs)
* 8 kbit/s — telephone quality (using speech codecs)
* 500 kbit/s–1 Mbit/s — lossless audio as used in formats such as FLAC, WavPack or Monkey's Audio
* 1411 kbit/s — PCM sound format of Compact Disc Digital Audio

[edit] Video (MPEG2)

* 16 kbit/s — videophone quality (minimum necessary for a consumer-acceptable "talking head" picture)
* 128 – 384 kbit/s — business-oriented videoconferencing system quality
* 1.25 Mbit/s — VCD quality
* 5 Mbit/s — DVD quality
* 15 Mbit/s — HDTV quality
* 36 Mbit/s — HD DVD quality
* 54 Mbit/s — Blu-ray Disc quality

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TrevorPhillips3925d ago

yea i know u need more then 20gigs

Capt CHAOS3925d ago

a) You don't keep a downloaded movie on your HD for ever.. Durgh.. Dude, you only get to keep it for 24 hours once you start watching it.
b) You can usually start watching any 'download' movie after about 1 minute if you have a good broadband connection (I do).

You lot (above) are just sooo negative.. Actually try movie downloads and watch it before b1tching about it. Because it's so obvious you lot know nothing about it.

power of Green 3925d ago

This is why I think you use a buddy's gamer tag that you put on your N4g's account much of what you say seems ignorant for being a 360 owner. I have friends that have accounts on my 360's.

m91058263924d ago

Whoopee... yu have a high-speed connection. So do I. However, LOTS OF PEOPLE DON'T. The market penetration for broadband (768kbps) is under 20% for both the US and the UK, and mush lower in the rest of the world, Korea and Japan notwithstanding. Until that number is a lot higher, DD will never be a viable alternative to store rentals or purchases.

gaffyh3924d ago

FYI guys, Virgin Media (my ISP in UK) has got fair usage limits on their boradband, basically if you download a certain amount (1.5GB i think, regardless of what yor downloading legal or illegal) on the good connection (20Mb connection) your connection gets limited to 5Mb. For 4mb you get limited to 1mb when you have download 850MB etc.

They will most likely increase the limits when the faster broadband is out, but still you won't be able to download a High-Def movie in 30 mins because of this. Also 3 more reasons; 1. Virgin Media will most likely not be able to handle the strain on the network (I mean they can hardly handle 20Mb), 2. Xbox Live will most likely crash constantly if it becomes popular, 3. I'd rather rent a DVD (or Blu-Ray).

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Expy3925d ago

High-resolution is NOT high-definition.

These downloads are nowhere near REAL 720p/1080p.

InYourMom3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

They look stunning on my 1080p TV even at 720p, I dunno what type of compression they are using but it certainly looks great.

The average consumer who is renting these movies isn't going to give a crap what the resolution is as long as it's good.

@#1 - These are rental movies. As long as you have a 20gig HDD you are fine. I've downloaded a few and had no issues.

Also, you can start watching the movie after a couple minutes so even with the download times people are using now it works perfectly fine. Thus the success the Movies on Marketplace are having and why so many partners are signing up.

EDIT: Just love the disagree's. Once again a positive 360 post being completely ruined by people who have nothing to do. If everyone wanted to own every movie they watch places like blockbuster would of gone out of business long ago.

NO_PUDding3925d ago

And by the way, that is why DLC is a way off.

Becuase I would prefer build up a collection of Blu-Ray discs on my shelf, so they look neat and I can talk abotu them, rather than having to rummage around with technical parts to work a movie. And then realise it's not even mine.

TapiocaMilkTea3925d ago

It's true, most people would not care about 1080p. I wouldn't consider downloads HD unless they are at least 1080, because a DVD upconverted would be just as good. Digital downloads will only catch on if people are unwilling to upgrade their standards. In that case, blockbuster may go out of business because downloading is easier.
People, please don't compare digital downloads with bluray, if bluray fails, it's not because of digital downloads, it's because people are still happy with DVD.

Dareaver13925d ago

i'm a Blockbuster whore. i'm constantly renting movies. I don't buy movies anymore, i'm getting tired of all the clutter. I've downloaded movies, and the price is actually better than blockbusters. And the movies look great. My only gripe is the fact that it's in stereo. But i have a great Onkyo Receiver, so sometimes i don't mind the compromise of audio fidelity.

On a side not, look at the success of NetFlix, you can now stream movies. That's a clear sign and indication that a change is coming. And not as far off as some might think.

I see DLC being the nearer future. I honestly don't think it's that far off. Just like people had no faith in MS when the Original Xbox was only broadband, the same will occur hear. Broadband speeds are constantly being improved with the invasion of fiberoptic. And if you create a great enough demand for it, there will be providers to satisfy those needs. Just my opinion guys.....that is why we are here right, to share our opinions.... Rhetorical question.

JasonXE3924d ago

from people who don't own a 360 to criticize the features them themselves have never seen. Its on average around 6.2 gig and plays depending on your connection. I use to have slow ass dsl 768/128 and took 3 hours to play. I moved up to cable with 15/2 and takes a min till I can start playing. It works as a buffering system to say the least till you finish downloading the whole thing (no it doesn't stop to buffer again either). Having it play at 1% means I can delete it and its not necessary for me to store it. The thing is that you are only renting it for 360 ms point or 480 points if its a new release. About 4-5 buxs after 24 hours of playing. So unless you plan to watch it more than 4x (which most people won't) then you should probably have a hard copy of it. I can't judge the quality between the two b/c i never saw two of the same movies. I can guarantee though that it looks good enough that it being compress doesn't take away from the experience. It's probably a little bit lower then the Blu Ray counterpart but looks a lot better then your HD channels on t.v (The best way i can probably put it). To enjoy it though, you need a cable connection (or similar) to make it a convenience then a hassle (wait a min at home > go to store).

hfaze3924d ago

"The thing is that you are only renting it for 360 ms point or 480 points if its a new release. About 4-5 buxs after 24 hours of playing."

"In the United States, 80 points are equal to US$1. As a result, an 800 point arcade game would retail for US$10 in real-world currency."

So, 360 M$p would be $4.50 USD... 480 M$p would be $6.00 USD... And let's not forget that sales tax is charged whenever you purchase M$p. You end up saving a LITTLE over the cost of renting at Blockbuster, but NetFlix is cheaper than both (and gives you the choice of EITHER streaming the movie or getting the physical media).

And to be honest, Cable Pay-Per-View trumps Live Marketplace for new release movies in HD. Most cable operators may only do 1080i, but you do get 5.1 surround sound on the movies, and your movie starts in SECONDS.

Personally, I would rather have 1080p in 7.1 surround when watching movies. It gives you a true feel of having a movie theater in your own home.

tordavis3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Most of the films on Xbox Live Video Marketplace now have 5.1. Not all of them, but most of them.


Wow dude. Prior to PS3, 360, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, I'm sure you were happy with DVD @ 5.1. Now you're telling me you're not happy unless it's 1080p @ 7.1. So before it wasn't like the theater right? There isn't a person in the world that can tell whether a movie is in 1080p or 720p with their human eyes. You my friend, are a tool.

hfaze3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

"Wow dude. Prior to PS3, 360, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, I'm sure you were happy with DVD @ 5.1. Now you're telling me you're not happy unless it's 1080p @ 7.1. So before it wasn't like the theater right? There isn't a person in the world that can tell whether a movie is in 1080p or 720p with their human eyes. You my friend, are a tool."

Considering that before HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, DVD was the ONLY CHOICE, then yeah, I was somewhat happy with it (LaserDisc still had better picture and sound in my opinion, but movies were getting impossible to find on LD)

And now, you are correct in saing that I prefer Blu-Ray @ 1080p/7.1 audio. Was DVD in 5.1 like watching a movie in the theater, nope. Not on a 4:3 screen running 720x480 at best, but it was the best available at the time.

It may be extremely difficult to tell the difference between QUALITY UNCOMPRESSED 720p video from 1080p, but telling the difference between highly compressed 720p and even mediocre 1080p is not difficult at all. Compression = LOSS OF FIDELITY, data has to be REMOVED to make the content smaller/lower bitrate. Modern compression algorithms work to reduce the appearance of compression artifacts, and some do an impressive job of it, but there is no way to match the video quality of uncompressed video without just using uncompressed video.

It all goes back to bitrate, which by your post above you seem to have no grasp of. Uncompressed video requires a higher bitrate to display the video smoothly, since each frame of the video is HUGE in size compared to the same content compressed.

Saying that Blu-Ray requires a higher bitrate due to the slow drive speed? So by your logic, a 2x DVD drive can push a higher bitrate than a 16x DVD drive? Hahahahahahaha... And you call ME a tool?

m91058263924d ago


yes, I can tell the difference between a 720p and a 1080p feed on my screen, no matter what the movie. It's not that hard, even for my wife or my friends who know nothing about movie quality. Also, compression DOES take quality away. There is lossless compression, let me give you an example. It will take the binary:


and "compress" it into a different format, say:


where each 0 becomes a 1, each 1 becomes a 0, pairs of 1's becomes 3's, and pairs of 0's become 2's. You then need a processor and a special algorithm to take that string and decode it back into readable binary code for the player. This is how compression methods like Ogg Vorbis Audio work. Video compression is different, it actually takes away some of the ones and zeros, leaving you with an incomplete product.

MorganX3924d ago

I think the 720p are 720p. The file sizes are small because until just recently, the majority had plain old stereo sound. Over the past few weeks, responding to criticism, MS is now publishing their 720p content with Dolby Digital 5.0. That's bumping the file sizes up to the 3Gig range. That's still not HD Audio that you can own with a Bluray Disc. If you haven't heard uncompressed Bluray Audio, it changes the whole experience.

Microsoft simply can't win this one. Sure, there will be a small rental market but downloads will not supplant Bluray media anytime soon and in my opinion never. There's nothing like owning and loaning to a friend, etc.

Take "I am Legend," the ending kind of ruined the movie for a lot of people, the HD Discs ahve a cut of the movie with an alternative ending. How you gonna get that with Digital Downloads? Pay twice?

I love Xbox Live! and a lot of what Microsoft is doing, but they are doing a disservice to the consumer on this one. Just admit the screw-up and release an Xbox Ultimate with BD, or an addon drive.

If MS doesn't want to pay the royalty fee, well now they know how the rest of the world feels paying the Windows royalty tax. Seriously, drop Windows Mobile license fees and maybe Sony will start making Windows Smartphones and Xbox uses will have Bluray. The licensing can be worked out, this DD will rule BD is a reality distortion field born out of arrogance.

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ASSASSYN 36o3925d ago

One key point that should go with this article is the fact you can watch the movie while you download it. Cutting the time in half.

tony3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

some people don't know about how that works, but they still comment negatively about it. a bubble.

NO_PUDding3925d ago

No you can't, otherwise it would be streaming.

And not only that you can bet by movies they aren't meaning full length movies, because Virgin Media certainly won't be fast enough to let you download a high def hour and a half movie without it totalling your HDD and taking the best part of a week.

gogators3925d ago

The option to start movie now is available 15-30 seconds into the download.

thekingofMA3925d ago

yea you can buddy-what do you know?

you obviously dont even have a 360, so dont make stupid comments about things you dont know what youre talking about

Expy3925d ago

There is NO wait time when you buy a movie on a DISC. On top of that, you don't have to worry about hard drive space.

Merritt3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )


Take off your blinders and actually use the Marketplace service before you spout off about things you don't know about.

You certainly can watch a movie while it's downloading. I start D/L'ing a HD movie, pop some popcorn and get comfortable. By the time I'm ready to sit and watch it, it's able to be watched. It takes about an hour and a half to D/L a full HD movie.

Also, the quality is pretty good as well. It's not HD-DVD or BR quality, but it's certainly better than cable or satellite.


With a store bought movie sure you can watch it right away, but you're stuck with a garbage title if it stinks. With an online rental you can delete a bad one and go on with your business. I personally like the online aspect of things. So while you may cheerish your materialistic shiny discs, I enjoy the space saving abilities of online D/L's. I live in an area where space is a commodity. I don't have the luxury of tons of storage space in my living room. So Live Marketplace and Apple TV have become good friends of mine.

TheSadTruth3925d ago

they are disagreeing with him because you are not allowed to say anything positive about the xbox 360 or Wii on this website

Welcome to, enjoy your stay

InYourMom3925d ago

That is the sad truth.. bubble for you!

gogators3925d ago

@ expy. Disc media still has to load, all disc media will display the anti-piracy laws, then some disc media will give you previews, and then you'll be at the menu where you can start your movie.

gonzopia3925d ago

The difference is that Blu-ray is actually true high definition. If I wanted a compressed HD experience, I'd download it using bittorrent and stream it via my PS3.

TapiocaMilkTea3925d ago

There is definitely wait time for disc media.
Lets say you want to watch a certain movie Saturday night. Instead of going to your car and driving or walking to the nearest blockbuster/store to buy/rent your DVD, you can start the download and prepare your snacks while it loads!
But if your are to buy/rent a bluray, that's a different story.

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niall773925d ago

"some broadband services"

if that means its only for the high end broadband connections which still cost way to much then its nothing to really talk about since its prolly possible to download that much now if you pay enough money.

Stormflood3924d ago

I have a Virgin Media broadband connection in a major UK city. It's fine for my online gaming needs, but if I download more than 300mb in an evening, they throttle my speed to 1Mb. That's not even one SD divx film.

I'm sure a future broadband infrastructure will allow faster, bigger downloads. But, right now, Virgin and the other ISPs cannot handle traffic.

Oh... and I don't know why this has turned into a fanboy thread as Sony are also going to be offering download rentals too.