Counting Rupees: The year of the PS3...'is it actually true ?'

Apparently, 2008 is the year of the PS3. After what most consider a very shaky first year, the media is abuzz with a comeback for the company that was once king of consoles. EGM's March issue proudly proclaims on its cover that it's "The Revenge of the PS3". EDGE's December issue was entitled "The Empire Strikes Back" and even Joystiq's PS3 Fanboy has given us 10 reasons why the PS3 is back in the swing of things. Some analysts have proclaimed that the PS3 will do at least as well as the 360 in 2008, and others have the PS3 edging out the 360 by 2010 or even the Wii by 2011. Clearly, everyone is pointing to 2008 being a turning point of sorts for the Cell-powered beast. But is it actually true?

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Massacre3925d ago

Without a doubt. The line up is just incredible and all signs are pointing to a successful year.

sonarus3925d ago

there is no debating the fact that the line up is solid. No debating ps3 will take europe from 360. They are edging closer to the wii in europe now. PS3 needs to do better in JP. In NA i still strongly believe the ps3 will win this yr. As long as their big titles hit. PS3 is set to have one hit after the other, this is the yr everyone who was holding out will jump in. This is the yr ps3 can also prove their online competency. It is a battle far from won but sony definitely has all the ammunition required just a matter of careful aiming and good shooting.

PS3 needs to take a stand on the 360 this yr. Supply issues or not, i don't expect to see 360 outselling the ps3 by more than 50,000 units this yr. PS3 sales are also much improved over last yr and they have been increasing monthly. MSoft has some great titles coming up this yr but i doubt gears of war has as much of a system selling impact as some people think Gears of war 1 already sold people to the 360 side of things and those who bought 1 will probably buy the 2nd 1 but i don't really see that many new people getting 360's for gears 2.

MikeGdaGod3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

i just want the games to hurry up and come out!!!

just a few more weeks......

meepmoopmeep3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

"for the company that was once king of consoles"

was ONCE? ahem... the Playstation still IS the king of consoles. until another platform can pass the records of what Playstation has done for 2 generation, then the Playstation brand is STILL #1.

blackbumbo3925d ago

u might want to check sales stats for the nintendo portables, the various gameboys,, they ate sony up

Big Jim3925d ago

Portables don't count.

INehalemEXI3925d ago

PSP is selling better nowdays Sony is breaking into the portable market quite well now. 4 days till FF7 Crisis Core the best portable game to ever be created IMO :D

sonarus3924d ago

generally portables are called hand helds. Consoles are more of ps3 ps2 xbox 360 e.t.c. Everyone still doubts the ps3 but from all indications, even with 360 supply issues, they have started out very well and they look to keep getting better. Key block buster titles like GT5, GTA4, HAZE, MGS4 launching within 2 months of each other. That is some serious gaming. Gives the ps3 a lot of attention. Now is really the best time to own a ps3

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LinuxGuru3925d ago

It took me 10 years to finally discover what the PlayStation brand has to offer....and I am lovin it, needless to say.

Torch3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. My last 'real' console was the Sega Genesis. Otherwise, I had been a hardcore PC gamer.

(EDIT: OK, now that I think about it, the above statement is technically a lie: I had bought a Wii a week before the PS3...but the Wii doesn't count, since it does little more than add a dash of red LED light to the room, sadly as a result of being continuously off and never in use.)

Since then, my only experience with the PSx's has been limited to installing a few mod chips as favours to some friends and family members, partaking in the occasional game while visiting my (then) girlfriend's house, and some pointless, curious tinkering with the Bleem! PSX emulator.

I remember running around in a frenzy during the morning launch of the PS2, driving my bro-in-law (to eventually be) all over town, and wondering what the hell the fuss was about.

And as a very satisfied PS3 early adopter...I now finally know. ;)

Surfman3925d ago

i am with playstation since the PSone. None of my 3 consoles has brokes or gotten problems, had alot of game, long life-time... what more?

kwicksandz3924d ago

my psone will no longer stay shut. the disk lid keeps popping up!

season0073925d ago

what can make it untrue?

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