Windows Server 2008: A Great Vista killer

Making and IT purchasing decision is often a bit like driving around Spaghetti Junction or voting in a general election: you never really have more than two options, and neither one seems quite right. You find yourself wishing there was a viable third-party candidate, if only to keep the two front-runners on their toes.

In the case of Windows XP versus Vista, such a third way has indeed emerged.

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decapitator3922d ago

Will be trying this out immediately to see if it is true.

TriggerHappy3922d ago

That makes the two of us. I am concerned about how gaming functions on this OS though.

Kakkoii3922d ago

Uhhh.. Why go threw that.. If all your doing is using Windows Server 2008 with a Vista GUI?

Why not just stick with XP then and download the VISTA Theme for XP.

Google it. There is one.