Disgaea DS Interview

Recently NIS announced that, in addition to bringing Disgaea 3 to the PS3 this year, it planned to bring the game that started it all - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - to the Nintendo DS. Not content to have it on two platforms, NIS says that the DS version will give those folks who don't own the PS2 or PSP versions a chance to play one of the best SRPGs to hit America since Final Fantasy Tactics.

Fascinated by the prospect of yet another Disgaea game to waste 100+ hours on, Crispy Gamer caught up with NIS America's PR Manager Jack Niida to learn a bit more about the game.

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rosebowl233924d ago

They should have done a Disgaea 2 remake for PSP instead.

lizard812883897d ago

can't wait for this game. haven't played any of the Disgaea games, but i heard great things about them.