Sessler's Soapbox: Sense and Sensitivity

Adam Sessler talks about the troubles of "contact sensitivity".

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mintaro3921d ago

ummm....ive never had a problem with context sensetive actions........

ISA_Scum3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I don't like Sessler. The X-Play reviews usually come off biased and uninformed and he's responsible for that along with Morgan as much as the writers are. Some of his Sessler's soapboxes are okay. This one? Nope.

G4TV as a whole these days is only meant for the Microsoft owner. It's the only system they praise and don't insult as much as possible (anyone ever see Kevin on AOTS talk about the PS3? Yeah, you know what I'm getting at). Heck, I've seen episodes where they try and defend the RROD and say it's no big deal...then they go off and start ripping on the PS3 saying it's only a matter of time that MGS4 comes to 360....all 50GB of it fitting on that HD-DVD right? lol, noobs.

Megaton3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Totally agreed.

Sessler really lost me back when he made that video where he told anyone who doesn't like Halo 3 to go [email protected]!k themselves. X-Play used to be great before the 2007 change (it was best around 2005), and it got even worse with the recent 2008 change. It really is a show purely for X-Box 360 owners now. Constantly showing leaderboard stats from XBL, but never the PSN. Everything multiplat they review is said to be "reviewed for the 360". Doesn't take a genius to see the nuances of preference.

The network in general has shown a bit of a slant since E3 last year, when they ran the Microsoft press conference in a prime time slot with a rerun afterwards. Nintendo and Sony's press conferences were run at the earliest possible time the network can run programming, on a weekday while everyone was at work/school, without any reruns.

When a network gives 3 more hours of exposure to the Halo 3 launch than the entire Tokyo Game Show, you know something's not right.