Okami's Second Chance

One of 2006's best games is re-designed and enhanced for Wii. IGN dissect the process and explore the possibilities.

In the final months of 2006, the IGN editorial team heatedly debated the pros and cons of several meticulously handpicked Game of the Year nominees. Included in the list, two titles that seemed strikingly similar at first glance for they shared many winning design and gameplay fundamentals: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and, the underdog, Okami, a beautiful cel-shaded adventure outing from publisher Capcom and now-defunct Clover Studio. After much back-and-forth, name-calling, and death threats, IGN ultimately selected for top honors Capcom's stylized title, which starred a god-wolf on a quest to restore beauty and peace to a vast world. And IGN were by no means the only outlet to shower praise upon the surprisingly adept affair -- it also took home awards from a variety of fellow online and magazine publications.

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