New Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Info

A NeoGAF member has translated scans from a French gaming magazine. The scans in question detail the new Kingdom Hearts games coming to DS and PSP.

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iamtehpwn3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

This is what I've been waiting for.
These 2 games (I don't really care for the mobile one, even though I'll probably get a new phone to play it...) will be awesome! :D

jackdoe3414d ago

Nice. Glad to own a DS, and soon a PSP. Get to play these awesome games.

xplosneer3414d ago

Still want a console version and a true sequel thank you.

jackdoe3414d ago

Its coming. Just won't be out for a while. Jeez. Can't be patient can you?

jadenkorri3414d ago

hey were gamers were impatient...but ya psp version all the way...any word on release for Kingdom Hearts 3....

Mr_Kuwabara3414d ago

The PSP version looks just like the PS2 counterparts.

F*** yeah!

bakasora3414d ago

all this waiting, and still more waiting