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Submitted by TriggerHappy 2884d ago | article

High-Def DVD Goes to Next Level With Blu-ray

The high-definition-video war may be over now that Toshiba has conceded defeat for its ailing HD DVD format, but those interested in buying a high-def Blu-ray Disc player still might want to wait for new features coming in the fall.

Sure, existing Blu-ray machines can play the nearly 500 Blu-ray titles available. They can deliver gorgeous, top-of-the-line 1080p resolution on compatible high-def televisions. But the next crop of Blu-ray players will be compliant with the upcoming Profile 2.0 standard, which adds Internet connectivity to the machines via a feature called BD-Live. (Industry, Tech)
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damnwrx  +   2884d ago
Oh well..........
Massive confusion to consumers.......
Master of Menace  +   2884d ago
No confusion!
If you just want to watch a HD movie without massive downloading. Which is really the whole point, isn't it!
INehalemEXI  +   2884d ago
Just buy a ps3 then you wont have to wait.
TheExodus  +   2884d ago
"Will BD-Live-enhanced discs work with current-generation Blu-ray players? Generally, yes, Benedetto says. 'The BD-Live feature just won't be available.'"

Umm, what the hell does "generally, yes" mean? Obviously the BD-Live features aren't going to work on Profile 1.0/1.1 players, but this makes it sounds like getting a Profile 2.0 disc to boot up in a Profile 1.0/1.1 player is going to be a crapshoot.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2884d ago
I love Blu ray in my PS3. Its whats going to destroy the RRODbox(actually just one of many things that are/will)

Master of Menace  +   2884d ago
Blu-ray is the future of the world. Embrace it, and stay away from 360's.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2883d ago
I'm playing a game
What are you doing? oh nevermind XD
butterfinger  +   2883d ago
No you're not...
you're just trolling this site looking for a place to add another comment for your M$ paycheck, or are you still paying them monthly? I mean, you really should get paid for all of the anti-Sony lies you spread throughout N4G. If you're going to ruin a site, at least get paid for it.
Master of Menace  +   2884d ago
Just a movie!
I have a PS3, so I can use those features. But all I'm really interested in is the movie. I do love the special features section on the BD, but that's all the extra content I need. Anyone else the same?
eagle21  +   2884d ago
This is cool guys... :)
"Depending on the disc, BD-Live will also let people chat in real time during films, type in their mobile phone numbers for free movie-related ringtones, play online multiplayer games or upload custom-made audio commentary."

Great for long distance relationships and friendships in general. Hope it syncs with HOME. :)
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2883d ago
Thank god this isn't the only option. :)
Dareaver1  +   2883d ago
I'm sorry guys, but....
HD-DVD was more thorough and thought out. It was already standardized with all it's features. It already had internet capability in every machine standard, it also had oh board ram standard, it had all it's multimedia capabilities standard. And i remember a lot of Blu Ray supporters screaming that all that stuff was useless and not needed.

Now look at this mess. Yes early HD-DVD adopters are now screwed because it lost the format war, but at least it was something they pretty much had no control of. Early adopters of Blu Ray, who had to pay a very high premium (if they didn't go the PS3 route), are now screwed because Blu Ray is still basically in development. That's a load of crap, and there should be some consequence to this type of nonsense. It's like they are releasing an unfinished product. Just getting features to catch the already dead format.

That's why i'm headed the Digital Distribution route. Netflix streaming, Comcast Ondemand, 360 HD downloads are where the future is at. I know right now there are compromises like maybe only stereo, or not true 1080p greatness. But just like those who like to argue that Broadband is not in every home, nor is 1080p T.V.'s. Thank-you.... Reasonable responses are welcome, ignorant fanboys will be ignored.

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