Savage 2 Free Content Patch 1 Exclusive - Achievements

S2 Games are adding over 30 achievements to Savage 2. Each individual achievement has a Silver and Gold level. Obviously the Silver is more obtainable than the Gold. As each achievement is earned the player account receives a free Persistent Item Scratcher. These are unique "lottery style" tickets that allow you to select 1 of 3 covered squares for each of the 4 attributes (enhancement type/amount, passive regen increase, passive stat increase, consumable increase) of a Persistent Item in Savage 2. If you're lucky, you could scratch a higher end item by selecting the right squares.

Achievements are broken into 4 categories. Action and Commander players alike have both Lifetime and Match specific achievements. A Lifetime Achievement is based upon your lifelong persistent account statistics. These goals are much higher numbers (not necessarily more difficult to achieve) than the Match Achievements. A Match Achievement is based upon hitting your goal within a single match.

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