Bully Patch Not Fixing Issues?

The highly awaited patch for the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition was finally released today. However, even after downloading the patch there are still many complaints from gamers who continue to say the game suffers from audio problems, framerate issues and outright instances of locking up.

So the question must be asked: Does the Bully patch not work?

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Shadow Man3921d ago

I was hoping to buy this game but if they can't fix this issue, I can just go to my local pawnshop and buy the ps2 version... thanx alot R*.

Fade_Walker3921d ago

Actually I rented Bully: SE today and it hasn't crashed (yet) but the framerate issues still exist

93313921d ago

from what i know some older machine hardware failure n 3ROD freezing....
even after repair same....early adopter get "hardware failure"

brothersimon3921d ago

took them 2 weeks!!! and it was a shyt update after all this wait.. ffs rockstar :(

zane5473921d ago

I got it when it came out and I haven't had any problems with mine. Maybe its batch-wide like the problems with Halo 3 :s

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