Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time

BOSTON (Reuters) - A new version of Mozilla's popular Firefox Web browser is ready for download with improved security and memory use as the tiny company takes a stab at Microsoft Corp's dominant Internet Explorer.

The program's creators told Reuters on Thursday that the privately-held company's trial version of Firefox 3 browser is ready for the masses to use after months of development.

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TwissT3713d ago

I love Firefox, once I tried it I instantly stopped using Internet Explorer

littletad3713d ago

I love using the themes and the extra optional add-ons. They do a good job of tab use, the interface, and the efficiency. There is really nothing like it. The customizing features blow away anything else.

sestan3712d ago

man seriously, I don't know how anyone can go back to IE7 after Firefox. Just the extensions alone make me a believer

Cicinho3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Also with this beta 4 I have had for a while, still a few bugs like at random times when you load a page and try to scroll down it auto scrolls back up and keeps doing it until you refresh.

Also when i went to post on PS3 forum and i clicked reply it took me back to the home page :S

Back to Firefox 2 until the full version comes out.

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chaosatom3333713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

so soon? I just gotten use to firefox 2.
I wonder what those monkeys are doing with IE7, now that firefox 3 is out.

kcdude3713d ago

There was an IE8 beta out but I think I heard some people are having trouble finding where to download it. Anyway, I tried it out and it sucks just like IE7, the interface is the same and I don't really notice any differences. Firefox rules!

BloodySinner3713d ago

I'm currently using Firefox 3 beta. I'll wait for the update to arrive.

Finalfantasykid3713d ago

It is awesome. Most of the differences are subtle, but they make an absolutely huge difference. The new URL bar is one of the greatest features ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.