Japanese Teaser of Soul Calibur IV

BANDAI NAMCO has released Japanese teaser of Soul Calibur IV, this teaser represent PS3 version of game. Including Darth Vader.

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DFresh3922d ago

I have this trailer on my PS3 and it's so awesome.
Looking forward to new add ons in the future for the PS3 only.

Bonus Characters:
1.) Kratos (God of War)
2.) Snake (MGS4)
3.) Red Head Chick (Heavenly Sword)
4.) Ratchet & Clank
5.) Bobo Fett (Star Wars)
6.) Dante (DMC4)
7.) Yoda (Star Wars)
8.) Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars Episode 3)
9.) Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
10.) Storm trooper (Star Wars)
11.) Obi Wan (Star Wars Episode 3)
12.) Spawn
13.) Nathan Hale (Resistance Fall of Man)
14.) Darth Vader's secret apprentice (Star Wars the Force Unleashed)
15.) Jak & Daxter

New Arenas:
1.) Death Star (Star Wars)
2.) Hell like stage (Spawn)

Bonus Missions:
1.) Adventure Mode
2.) Another Mode to earn more tokens and points to get more armor, weapons, characters, scrolls, arenas, etc.

Go crazy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!