Invisible Walls: Haze, NPD, Mario Kart & More

In this week's show Gametrailers go hands-on with Mario Kart for the Wii and Starcraft II. Condemned 2, Legendary, Haze, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are covered. They also chat about the February sales charts, the hot news of the week, and Gamecock's EIEIO while Head-to-Head and One-Word Reviews return.

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longduckdong3895d ago

best game ever. Only onPS3

slapsta723895d ago


timed exclusive yes, but yeah

i hope pc gamers get it (i own a ps3 and a pc lol)

simply because the 360 gets ninja gaiden 2 (*cries*) and i dont

plus it is a first person shooter, which play best with a mouse n keyboard imho

lockload3894d ago

Isnt mentioned at all in that video