Do some video games encourage violence?

Walk into any place where computer gamers congregate, from basements to arcades to Internet cafes, and you'll usually see more males than females. Guys, from the time they can hold a controller, seem drawn to games that challenge their speed, agility and strategic skills. This fatal attraction is not lost on the U.S. Army, which has created a "serious game" for soldier training called America's Army.

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Rice3621d ago

Thats if u let it...

7h3ultim8p003621d ago

"Do some parents suck at raising kids?"

thisisim3620d ago

They suck at raising their kids and let them play garbage games like some of the ones mentioned.

Everything you do effects you. To what degree varies between individuals and vices, but everything has an effect.

Nesu3621d ago he actually mention Custer's Revenge? @[email protected]