For video games, discs are here to stay

Music and movie downloads are pushing the entertainment industry online, but don't expect video game discs to go the way of the CD any time soon.

For many big video game companies, not to mention consumers, extra online content is helping enhance games sold on discs. For "Grand Theft Auto IV," considered by many to be the year's most-anticipated console game, this means extra episodes available for download exclusively through Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

Gamers who have been holding out to buy a next-generation console until a worthy game like the latest GTA hits shelves will likely flock to the 360 over Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3, which will not offer any extra episodic content.

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niall773925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

.... oh wait... what does the MS is MSn stand for?

who owns MSN?

if fanboys try and use a Microsofh owned site as any kind of "ownage" then please keep it to the open zone.

toughNAME3925d ago

Logically, it makes perfect sense.

But this is N4G

power of Green 3925d ago

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter doesn't work for MSFT. Hardcore GTA fans are not PlayStation loyalist.

JVIDICAN3925d ago

whats up themart aka pog =P

Real Gambler3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

First, a Microsoft web site that is saying that the physical media for game console is not about to go away!! Yet they used a smaller media (dvd) for their console. So if physical media is not going away anytime soon, and if it becomes too small for the latest games, does that mean their console could get obsolete faster? I'm sure they would count on downloadable content to help over come this problem, buy hey, it's Microsoft themselve saying that.

Two: Power of Green: Yep, Patcher does not work for Microsoft. In fact, in this article by Barbara Ortutay, she only quote another stupid deduction from this highly paid analyst, basically saying: "With twice the number of 360 in the field, GTAV will sell twice as many GTAV for the 360 as for the PS3..." Wow. I'm an analyst too. I could have deducted that myself. It's simple math a third grade could have came up with.

Three: Amazingly, Microsoft make so much money, they are paying a journalist to simply dig quotes from different people and stick them in their web page. You don't learn anything from Barbara herself! She just dug up some quotes from Colin Sebastian, Martin Zagorsek and Michael Pachter and glued that into an article, which, surely enough is posted on N4G in a matter of a few hours. What did we learn from this news? Simple math is still true. Thank you Patcher. "It's only a recent phenomenon that people have even plugged in their consoles to a network" (Zagorsek)... Well, maybe most people... My PS2 has been online for quite a few years, thank you very much... And I will now sleep better knowing that: "It's an evolving market" (Sebastian) Thank you, I didn't knew there was an evolution in game consoles. I always thought my orinal pong game could compete with the latest game console.

Learning so much from this article, my head is still spinning... : )

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SeanScythe3925d ago

Yeah last I heard PS3 will get DLC maybe not like the 360 but it will get something.

Anything but Cute3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

what a crap article.

The fanboy is getting a little too obvious from some sites now.

I still can't believe "Microsoft in GTA IV Panic" got approved. They close out the article by saying "XBOX 360 is f*cked"

That article was garbage just like this one.

No need to get worked up over this, it's not gonna change anything.

Phil Harrison Mk43925d ago

...Er thought Micro$ofts Billy'Money'Gate$ said Downloads would kill the Blu-ray(in the next year or so)!!! ;-D
Stupid Micro$oft and xBot Slaves!!! ;-D
+Better on 360 my AR*E!!! ;-D

power of Green 3925d ago

You're talking about that universal DLC thats been talked about and has been posted on Wikipedia for many months. That content thats coming to both consoles is used as an tool by Sonyfanboys to counter the Episodic content deal.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33925d ago

For video games, Blu-ray discs are here to stay! ;-P
+Your GTA4 DLC is only a xtra T-Shirt saying -
'I'm a xBot Lemming Follow me off a cliff'!!! ;-D

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pwnmaster30003925d ago

that is a xbot website. i never new until now how freakin xbot they are wow

pp3925d ago

you sony bots could kid yourself as much as you like.but xbox360 version is the real deal

pwnmaster30003925d ago

dude shut the fuk up. so wat if you have dlc, but we ps3 owners r the real winners here we have 2 exclusive from rockstar and dlc and sony didnt even have to pay 50 million

candystop3925d ago

You ain't getting no type of downloadable content and nobody cares about the other games from rockstar! PS3 is getting the shaft and no matter how you look at it the 360 will be superior just like every game and online service! I smell sore loosers from the Sony camp and after this game and E3 you guys are going to all be screaming foul play lol!

PSWe603925d ago

"Microsoft and Toshiba developing another disc format? But I thought Downloads were the future? M$ lied? This.....can'" *heads explode*

LMAO!!!! PUTO X-bots are a sad bunch

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