Street Fighter Week: The Sounds of Street Fighter

"Sonic Boom!"

Anyone who's played a game, walked past an arcade or read a comic book in the past 10 years should recognize those words immediately. They're some of Street Fighter's most well-known attacks and for years were at the heart of the game's cultural takeover. Kids mimed the attacks, gamers shouted them out loud and tournament players dreamed about perfecting combos with these moves as the killer final blow. But did anyone ever stop and think about how they've changed since the groundbreaking Street Fighter II?

Presented here is an audio breakdown of not just these key moves, but also the sounds effects for the home conversions. Games Radar are focusing on the SNES versions because, based on the sales numbers, they are willing to bet most people poured tons of time into SNES more than any other port. More people are bound to be familiar with the home version more than, perhaps, the arcade.

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