Limited edition GTA IV 360 is kind of nice, you can't have one

Destructoid: "Hey, look what was dropped off at New York City office of Marc Ecko's Complex magazine -- a fancy limited-edition Grand Theft Auto IV-themed Xbox 360!

It looks like this limited run of 500 custom consoles is only being sent to press to generate hype, so if you're thinking about picking one up at EB Games, you're out of luck. While the system is simply an Elite that's been given a glossy coat of paint, branded with GTA IV cover art, and numbered, it does look pretty slick. The console also came with a shiny metallic box filled with peripherals like the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and the universal remote, both of which will come in handy when playing Grand Theft Auto IV..."

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Exhaust3501d ago

The Simpson's ones were going for a lot on Ebay.

Personally I think limited edition consoles are pretty stupid especially when they're not actually limited (looking at you Halo 3 edition) but I'm such a GTA mark that I want one of these.

Lifendz3501d ago

I might even pick up a 360......not! Good move by giving it to the press MS but you should've considered releasing something like this to the masses. I wouldn't have gotten one but I bet some GTA fanboys would have picked it up when they go in to buy their next-gen console to play GTAIV.

robep33500d ago

You wont get 2 grand once the 3 red lights appear?


mikeslemonade3500d ago

When you send it for repair you're going to have to wait for MS to fix it which takes longer. I think most people who are buying this won't be opening it and using the system to play games.

sak5003500d ago

i hope u are banned from this zone and have even less bubbles. You're 1 millionth comment late coming out with RROD joke on this site.

Ignored, reported -bubbles for u.

Kr1553500d ago

Let the bribing of the press commence. It's funny I could be fired at my job for recieving gifts from a customer. They would call it a compromise of my objectivity. I wonder why the game industry gets away with it so freely.

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Vash_The_Stampede3501d ago

More microsoft marketing here to make me throw up. Wonder if Sony has any marketing plans of their own.

v1c1ous3501d ago

or the silver/white/black dualshock 3?

or the DW bundle?

or the spiderman bundle?

or the "insert anything here" bundle?

or the "new color" version?

BloodySinner3501d ago

Where's my white PS3? I've been waiting for a North American release...

avacadosnorkel3501d ago

Sony doesn't throw money into advertisements much anymore.

They are established as a good product and rely on the brand name now.

StarieMichie3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Packaging a game or movie with a system doesn't make it cool or limited.

How is that the same thing as this 360?

EDIT: For those of you who have disagreed with me, please explain why. You can't compare giving Spiderman 3 on BD away with a PS3 to a completely unique system.

power of Green 3501d ago

You say it makes you throw up and you go on to say you're waiting to see what Sony comes up with lol.

pandabear3500d ago

Microsoft going over the top to buy out reviewers again. Well thats an extra mark for the xbox edition over the PS3 edition since Microsoft are so generous and want to keep on their good side.

Why do Microsoft always have to play so dirty??? Or is it just desperation like giving away money to everyone who buys 360 version and dropping price just before it comes out - Hmmmmmmm

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tethered3501d ago

I wish my 360 was Gloss black like that.
I could care less about the GTA4 theme though.

BloodySinner3501d ago

Wow... It's gorgeous. I seriously wish the Xbox 360 was gloss black.

EastCoastSB3501d ago

...what's gonna happen if it gets you know what?

Mr_Kuwabara3501d ago

Some jerk might wipe it off. lol

EastCoastSB3501d ago

Bubbles to you Mr. K

And btw, that was a serious question.