PSP Fanboy interview: Secret Agent Clank's Lesley Mathieson

PSP Fanboy writes: "Way back at GDC weeks ago, we had a chance to chat with Lesley Mathieson from High Impact Games. They're currently working on their second PSP outing, Secret Agent Clank. Read on as we chat about this upcoming PSP exclusive action game.

Q: This is the second PSP game. What has High Impact Games learned from Size Matters?

A:Well, we learned a lot of things. Obviously, the PSP is a very different platform than the PS2. We learned a lot of things about adapting the game to that platform, making sure the controls work, etc.

Q: Is PSP a platform the team would like to continue with?

A: The PlayStation Portable is a great platform. We love working with it. At the same time, we're excited about the next generation of hardware as well. We'd be happy to work in any direction, so long as its an exciting and interesting project."

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