Naruto Storm 3: Edo Kages Under Serious Consideration

In the interview from Hiroshi Matsuyama, he said some things that might give us some hope.

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ltachiUchiha1802d ago

If u read the latest manga, gosh that was an epic ending. Cant wait for the next manga.

ZoroS31802d ago

I know right, I really liked the ending

ltachiUchiha1802d ago

I wont say anything to spoil it for those who dont read the manga but lets just say its about to get very interesting from now and a whole lot of bad asseryness lol. =]

mediate-this1802d ago

there are so many directions kishi is going with the manga. I was not impressed with the latest manga, although the ending was the best part for me.

I think the next manga will be good, sasuke needs a huge power boost, and will there be a final fight between sasuke and naruto?

im just more interested in whats going to happen with madara.

GenericNameHere1802d ago

Yes, there will be a final Naruto vs Sasuke fight. Kishimoto has already confirmed this in the past, and has the whole storyline events in mind. He just has to find a way to connect these said events.

ZoroS31802d ago

yes sure. You are right!

nick3091801d ago

Lol theres a way activating the edo kages with a modded save without having to mod your 360... Sorry cc2 but you lie to your customers.

mediate-this1801d ago

I know kishi has confirmed this in the past, I don't want to spoil anything for people who are not caught up in the manga.

but sasukes big decision his meeting with the ones who know everything, his decision, im just trying to put that together.