The Next Xbox and Rumor Mill: What We Think Will Happen May 21st

In just a two short days, the world is going to change completely. You see, this Tuesday, May 21st, Microsoft is going to unveil the next generation of gaming with the announcement of the Next Xbox.

Austin Griffith will break down all of the most hopeful rumors we've seen on the Next Generation Xbox and tell us what he thinks we will be seeing in just two short days.

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JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I predict on May 21st Microsoft will show the next xbox controller, the console and wait..wait..also announce the name. -Take that Pachter.

nah, but seriously its just about 2 more days do we really need 100 more recycled predictions and rumors?

HyperBear1799d ago

Wow!! Those are actual legitimate predictions that will probably come true. Way more informed than Pachter with his "There will be a woman/women at the presentation".... like WTF!

@JokesOnYou: You should start your own prediction show/blog entitled Joke-Attack :D....+1 bubs.

Garbanjo0011799d ago

gawd I was just reading this just to catch a few news nuggets and realized, there were two McNuggets in that whole article. That's a real McAss-Hole. I don't care, I just want to take a look, check some games and go "Meh, it's basically the same thing that PS is doing."

I think that the two consoles are going to be different though, this last battle I thought the PS3 and Xbox 360 were pretty evenly matched. I have the 360, and would've liked to have jumped on the PS bandwagon a long time ago. The prices were ridiculous.

I'm not paying for online again, and if that 15 a month with a 2 year subscription thing goes through they can bite me. I'll give my 360 console to my girlfriend's mom and buy the PS4 and never leave home again.

BABYLEG1799d ago

My only question is this

How the hell has nothing been leaked yet? No pictures nothing. Developers don't even acknowledge it... It's like they paid everyone to keep shut.

slapedurmomsace1799d ago

Plenty of speculation, but nothing concrete. They're doing a great job of keeping the facts hidden. My guess the speculation is correct and we'll get a slightly less powerful console than the PS4, somewhat a re-dux of this generation, but we shall see. Either way I'm excited for the next generation, the PS4 Plan A is to target and come after the PS1 and PS2 crowd (admit-tingly me) and maybe a mix leaning towards a family entertainment center for the 720? Plus the 720 could make or break windows 8. Either way I'll end up getting both, but only one this year and maybe not the other til 2015 ish. E3 is very important, and both companies seem to know it. It will help greatly decide what I purchase first.

Jek_Porkins1799d ago

Microsoft has raised up security, they also color coded the controllers in a specific pattern, so if someone were to leak the controller, Microsoft could take legal action.

I also strongly suspect that the dev kits were always online to track security and things like that, could have led to some of the rumors. I think MS has actually done a great job at keeping things pretty damn secret, we don't have any clue what games they are working on, I mean none, sure we have speculated, but I don't think anyone knows anything concrete.

Gildarts1799d ago

I was wondering the exact same thing, with the ps4 we knew how the controller would look like weeks before the announcement.

only 1 day left and nothing absolutely zero information about the 720.

They must have tightened their security of something.

GrownUpGamer1799d ago

" It's like they paid everyone to keep shut "

Then if that soooo... If that is what M$ need it to do then SONY fanboys yall get ready for your a$$ get kicked real hard on n4g... but hey WHO cares. I mean if you spend money just to shut up people is because you have a powerful stuff to show.

ThatCanadianGuy5141799d ago

There was plenty of leaked info.Same source of the PS4 leaks as well.Talks of controller essentially being the same, specs, potential launch titles etc.

Nobody really hears about it because there is very little hype, rumors spring up and quickly fade away.

greenpowerz1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Some PS4 rumors were close and other were not the same as Sony's reveal. Some of Sony's leaks were of all dev kit specs either that or Sony changed the specs at the last minute(CPU and RAM change 4 gigs to 8 gigs etc)

The rumors about the 720 are from older div kit builds and plans at best.

I'm guessing some sort of main and sub GPU in the 720(dual GPU) and a more powerful CPU than the PS4 due to the multi tasking of MSFT's products that will use the 720 as its inhouse platform.

If the xbox mini rumors are true the media had mixed up the mini specs with the 720 specs in the first place, this doesn't mean the Mini is still coming but it was at some point.

We'll know soon enough. MSFT will have its TV/Streaming formal reveal for an hour or so but there will be post reveal shows/interviews with lots of gaming media MSFT reps that has been announced by various media and MSFT. MSFT has launched new websites to bring us updates they can talk about after the reveal that are not reserved for E3

Superdae has claimed to leak two different dev kit builds. The first back in 2010 and the second some months ago but even that build was over a year old. We still don't know if the Xbox mini specs, canceled or not were the specs supposedly leaked as the new positive rumors suggest(blocked on N4G but widely known evreywhere else)

Mikeyy1799d ago

The information was leaked long ago, it's just people are refusing it listen to it, because it pegs the 720 as slightly weaker then the PS4.

Even though the leak comes from the same person who leaked the PS4, and was 100% correct. Even down to them discussing upgrading the RAM, which they did.

My pachter prediction is this:

Live Gold is again required to play online, will cost $80 per year. All social features and netflix, will again require Live Gold.

Will be always-Online, They still havent debunked this, this should be F'ing worrysome..

50/50 chance, will require a specific tier bundle or package with local cable provider to access DVR or Cable box features.

dcbronco1799d ago

They supposedly did it with watermarks and things like the consoles and controllers with the tape patterns on them. If your pattern shows up online, we know you leaked it. I also don't think they have actually released final hardware to anyone. So no one really knows what the real specs are.

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Drainage1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

gotta get my 10 bucks of article hits:

here goes my prediction

at least 2 live performances from singers
dance off
3 kids acting
1 hot teen girl acting

Gildarts1799d ago

How about none of that? The event is focused on the 720. There won't be any performances. This is not E3.

jdktech20101799d ago

It's only an hour....I think the hot teen girl acting is just too much to fit in for Microsoft's taste.

I kid, I kid.

I am bummed it's only an hour though. It seems like this won't be as encompassing as the PS4 reveal but E3 is only 3 weeks away so it's not a huge wait for the big blowout.

Anyone know of a way to watch it on a mobile device? I might use my lunch to watch it on my phone or something.

BeZdaBest1799d ago

if you have a android phone.. it shouldnt be a problem since you can still side load flash(and have the stock browser)...just go to whatever site their streaming from..idk the site their streaming from...hope this helps a little

joefrost001799d ago

But you'll u have to remember half of that conference was talking and discussion video on how they got input from developers

josephayal1799d ago

it would be so cool to have a screen on the controller, its like alien ware feature

Supermax1799d ago

The reason you haven't herd anything official is because everyone that's had contact with the new console had to sign a no talk Claus.simply put if there's a leak they get sued.remember ms had the FBI raid a guys house for tryin to sell a dev kit on eBay.

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