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PigPen1828d ago

Bring it on Activision. I will preorder as soon as I can.

JKelloggs1828d ago

You can pre-order now btw

Syntax-Error1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

keyword: AS SOON AS I CAN

It means when he has the money to preorder. I could give a rats ass about disagrees, but the fact that he has 69 disagrees for liking a game that has the "COOL TO HATE" trend going for it now shows me why gaming nerds are despised and ridiculed.

XB1_PS41827d ago

@Syntax-Error Doesn't matter what you say. Haters are indeed, going to hate. Never got the inferno like hatred burning inside of gamers when it comes to COD. It's just a game, play it or don't. It's as simple as that.

JKelloggs1827d ago


Okay, but you don't need always money to pre-order something :)

Also, "keyword: AS SOON AS I CAN" keywords* :)

creized11828d ago

You can pre-order the next COD after this one right now if you want (LOOOL)

Killer9101828d ago

Why the disagrees? They are some really COD haters in N4G here! Be careful!

Pillsbury11827d ago

I know how you can play an advanced copy. Just pop in modern warfare 1-3.

B-radical1827d ago

Have you pre ordered bf4 yet? :D

JoGam1827d ago


meetajhu1827d ago

You ordered it last year. The year before. And the Year before that.

Braid1827d ago

Wow, look at all those dots and lines. Next-gen has truly arrived.

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insertnamehurr1828d ago

I bet itll be shown at the new xbox event.

MasterCornholio1828d ago

Im excited for the next xbox event because in that event more multiplatform titles can be unveiled for the 720 and PS4.

famoussasjohn1828d ago

That's been confirmed since the reveal trailer.

shoddy1828d ago

They gonna make it look like it's only on xbox.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

one way microsoft could really hurt sony: make call of duty exclusive to their system

hope that never happens

FITgamer1828d ago

That would never happen. That would be at least 10 million + copies of the game not being sold. Activision is way to greedy for that.

DeadlyFire1827d ago

Unless Microsoft pays Activision 1 billion bucks. I don't see it happening.

Upbeat1827d ago

and that means they would have 1 exclusive game for next gen LOL !

famoussasjohn1827d ago

Microsoft would have to pay Activision some serious bucks for something to be exclusive like COD. Activision would be losing out on a ton of money if they went to a single console exclusivity.

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Upbeat1827d ago

it says that in the video ya crazy fool

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Cam9771828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Because we all love playing mesh-frame games.

M-M1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

On the second to last clip, looks like a demonstration of destructible environments in their new engine.

marchinggamer1828d ago

You mean modified old engine

ZeroWil1828d ago

It's a new engine. As said in their press release.


DeadlyFire1827d ago

I know its hard to believe, but they are actually using a new engine this time. It might get scaled down to WiiU standards though. Its to early to know for certain. I want to assume the new engine will be for PS4, X720, PC versions of the game. While the old engine will be utilized for WiiU, PS3, X360 versions of the game.

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