2013 Video Game Release Schedule

We've put together a list of games with confirmed release dates for 2013. If a game only has a loose release date, such as a specific quarter or month, it won't make the cut. It needs to have a date.

We'll be updating this throughout the year as more and more dates get confirmed. See any that we missed? Sound off in the comments below.

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maxgamehard1862d ago

Hey everyone, I saw this list up a couple minutes ago.

Thought this would help everyone as we can all plan which games to get this year. There is a lot of good stuff coming this year and this list doesn't have the next gen stuff yet!!

Blank1861d ago

Good job I needed something like this I know other sites have it but they are seperate pages and not a simple quick view like this one you get a helpful bubble from me

Myst1861d ago

Oh snapplez I forgot Project X Zone I thought it would release later on not next month. I need to pre-order that tomorrow.

Godchild10201861d ago

Make sure you get the limited edition. It's the same price as the normal one.

Myst1861d ago

Yep I plan to pre-order tomorrow just to make sure I get it.

JunoDivided1860d ago

Damn you game industry why must you starve my wallet.