Playstation 3 Remains An Afterthought Among Third Party Developers

N'Gai Croal from Newsweek writes: Despite the PlayStation 2's utter dominance during the previous console cycle, we began to notice a trend emerging from casual conversations with developers: many of them were doing the bulk of their gaming on the Xbox. When asked, said game makers cited a variety of reasons, including better graphics, a wider selection of first-person shooters, and, of course, the superior online functionality of Xbox Live. This developer gap has only become more pronounced with the Xbox 360's yearlong head start and Sony's shockingly un-integrated Playstation Network feature set. We've spoken with a number of developers who don't even own PS3s; among those who do, several use it as nothing more than a Blu-Ray player. What's more, we've been to countless press events where third-party publishers are demonstrating their multiplatform games with nary a PS3 in the house. And when inquiries are made about its absence, we're greeted with a look that's either sheepish or knowing, as if it's now simply taken for granted that the PS3 version is of course lagging behind its Xbox 360 counterpart. Such is the state of PS3 development among third parties today.

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Sez 3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

this is going to be funny to see sonyfanboys run damage control with this one.

whats funny is N'Gai croal is the biggest sonyfanboy. thats why i find this funny. can't wait for the damage control on this one.

@anything but cute
really seem that sonyfanboys stay in constant damage control.oh the dev's are lazy they can't make the game run on the ps3. but look at unwanted..oh sorry uncharted and cod4.but yet 89% of multi-plat plays better,has better online,and is just plain better. you guys come with excuses. lol

Jack Meahoffer3894d ago

So I don't see how the Sony defense force can spin this one.

He speaks the unbiased truth from his research. He doesn't have an agenda.

They'll probably say MS paid him off like they do everything that favors the 360 like COD4 map pack being on 360 21 days earlier.


Anything but Cute3894d ago

doing damage control on all the other articles. They had to do a lot of that yesterday.

killer_trap3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

i'd give a dollar and 50 cents to know where do you stand you're either a rabid ps3 fanboy or an insane 360 follower, you're just never in the middle!!!!!!!!

doodle3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

FF13---- the biggest game of this gen . a 3rd party exclusive

MGS4-- a third party exclusive

WKS--- a thrid part exclusive

Tekken 6 --a third party exclusive

War devil --a third party exclusive

GTA4 ---better on PS3 despite being a multi plat

Resistance 2/Ratchet are just 3rd party exclusives

360 will be completely killed off this year .

MARCH 28th in europe and June 12th wordlwide

MGS4--a thirty party exclusive and GTA4 (better on PS3) are all we care about

The PS3's first party exclusives are more than enough to keep us going

However there is 0 games on garbage box 3 fix me for 2008 and beyond

PS3 third party exclusives at a GLANCE

Rockstar creating L.A Noire for PS3.
Rockstar creating New IP for PS3.
Cellius creating games for PS3.
Sega was creating Jakuza 3 for PS3.
Konami creating Coded Arms for PS3.
Nippon Ichi was creating Disgaea 3 for PS3.
Free Radical Design creating Haze for PS3.
Namco was making Time Crisis 4 for PS3.
Sega creating Valkyrie of the Battlefield for PS3.
Digi-Guys creating WarDevil for PS3.
Quantic Dream creating Heavy Rain for PS3.
Konami creating MGS 4 for PS3.
Square creating FFXIII for PS3.
Sega creating Initial D for PS3.
Namco is creating Tekken 6 for PS3.
Square creating FFXIII:versus for PS3.


x360 is already fully dead in EUROPE and JAPAN and also dying in NA

even at 100 euro no one buys 3 FIX ME in EU . The PS3 outsold x360 even in UK (which was x360's only fighting frontier till mid-june of last year)

MARCH 28th == x360's death anniversary in EUROP

JUNE12th ==== x360's death anniversary in NA

that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME is fit for repair shop having 0 games this year and trash games like TWO WOPRLDS,HOUR OF VICTORY, FLOP ODYSSEY,MEGA FLOP DRAGON ,GAYLO 3 at 640p


so hows your FAKE PSN id going

OTHERS this PLAYBOYS pSN id is FAKE. he doesnt own a PS3 . He owns that TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME with 0 games for 2008 and completely dead in EUROPE/JAPAN

Mr Playboy3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

without the blu-ray, the ps3 will be dead right know or if the HDDVD won the PS3 is also doomed

but still the Xbox360 is better for gaming than any other console in this generation oh and in multimedia too

@ Doodle

"War devil --a third party exclusive"

lol its a multiplatform game

not exclusive any more lol

anyway,its dead we did it hear anything about it

@ doodle

My PSN ID is Dreamoon add me and you will see, I'm not faking this thing up try it you will not lose anything !!!???

Sez 3894d ago

please stop b!tching. you sound like an emotional b!tch. oh 360 has no games coming out in 08, all the games you listed only ain't coming out this year. only MGS4,GT5p,LBP,R2. thats it. 360 has BK3,too human,left 4 dead,NG2,gears of war2, spinter cell5,ect and 89% of multi-plat are better on the 360 including GTA4 with the added content. stop fooling yourself and other.

Gam713894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Who am I?

Wtf! Xbots suXzz Ps3 rUlEz HaahahahaaAHahAhaAHHa

Mgs is da BesT evA

EveRy XboT has TraDeD in tHeiR 360 for a Ps3 In Eu. (eu? seriously get it right, i've explained it to you before)

mGs is on Ps3

nothing coming out on 360 this year.

Thats right i'm the proof less spammer Doodlebrains.

heyheyhey3894d ago

@Mr Playboy

actually that's an error on gamefaqs

Digi-Guys have said recently that the game is PS3-exclusive

im not going to argue that 3rd parties prefer the xbox, but i just wanted to clear that up

gambare3894d ago

it's exclusive, that's an old old OLD remark

InYourMom3894d ago

Ahhhhh.. So Doodle is in fact Tanod/Nasim/Shmee/Tidus!! He isn't even trying to hide the fact anymore.

I'm still waiting for your PSN ID you little baby! You talk big over the internet but I bet you sound like a little girl online. And I think Playboy just pwned you by giving you his PSN ID and you still won't give out yours.

All you have to do is PM me and I will give you my PSNID or anyone else for that matter. I am %100 legit unlike you Doodle who is a FAKE and a FRAUD!

actas1233894d ago

This is a Newsweek blog. It seems journalists at Newsweek are allowed to create blogs and write whatever w/out having to pass edition from "above". Therefore, this is the writers personal belief. He is not mentioning facts really, as he is not brining any support of proof(i.e no names mentioned.)
It seems this Newsweek writer happened to be a die hard xbox fan and decided to write down his thoughts (that are clearly not credible) on his blog. Big deal, why should I care.

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meepmoopmeep3894d ago

no worries...

this is like nostalgia of the PS2. a lot of industry people will be eating their hate once more. you can quote me on this. i'm from the future.

The gaming GOD3894d ago

That's why I don't really worry about articles like this.

The SAME stuff was said for ps1 and ps2. Look how they turned out.

sonarus3894d ago

i am not really worried about it either. But sony could probably be doing more to "arouse" 3rd party interest. They need to get more games being developed on ps3 and not just ports. Though the difference between 360 and ps3 graphics in ports have been greatly improved, it is not a trend ps3 owners will feel comfortable with for the life span of the ps3 console.

Personally these variations in graphics between the two are hardly noticable but i am aware there are there. It doesn't in anyway stop me from buying the ps3 version over 360. Most of my friends still own ps3's and it is still my best bet for online play with friend

nirwanda3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

2 year more maybe for a normal sized dev team so even if the PS3 over takes the 360 it will be another 2 years after that for the majority of multi format games to be a priority on the PS3 great if you want to wait another 3 years for the best software from 3rd party devs.

And then there's the PC market it's alot harder to covert a game from a PS3 to PC than it is from a 360 so effectively they are cornering 2 markets in one.

Maddens Raiders3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

to embrace the PS3 are the same devs that continue to turn out refuse on the PS3? With this in mind, It only strengthens my desire to play first party Sony games and look to those developers that make no excuses or reservations in making superb games on the system. Obviously there are exceptions like Burnout, Oblivion, Fight NightR3, NG Sigma, and DMC4.

I believe those developers that want to survive and thrive in this volatile market better take stock at which way the consumer driven winds are blowing or they will get left behind. The usual suspects of dubious multi-plat devs (EA, Ubi, Capcom, Valve, et al..) don't get to decide what the consumers purchase, they only make games for what's easy and what makes them the most money at any given time. In the end, the consumers decide what gets attention and what gets ignored console wise by developers.

For anyone that knows anything regarding the current shift in the "consumer console perspective" regarding the next-gen consoles, I suspect we'll be seeing an interesting flip flop of these attitudes in a follow up article from N'Gai in the coming months.

CrazzyMan3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

PS3 has GREAT 3rd party support.

Rockstar creating L.A Noire for PS3.
Rockstar creating New IP for PS3.
Cellius creating games for PS3.
Sega was creating Jakuza 3 for PS3.
Konami creating Coded Arms for PS3.
Nippon Ichi was creating Disgaea 3 for PS3.
Free Radical Design creating Haze for PS3.
Namco was making Time Crisis 4 for PS3.
Sega creating Valkyrie of the Battlefield for PS3.
Digi-Guys creating WarDevil for PS3.
Quantic Dream creating Heavy Rain for PS3.
Konami creating MGS 4 for PS3.
Square creating FFXIII for PS3.
Sega creating Initial D for PS3.
Namco creating Tekken 6 for PS3.
Square creating FFXIII:versus for PS3.
CyberConnect2 making Naruto: PS3 project for PS3.
Sonic Team Sega making Fifth Phantom Saga for PS3.

Tri ace making Star Ocean 4 for PS3.
Square making Kingdom Hearts for PS3.

AND some multiplatform(x360 "exclusives"):
Eternal Sonata coming to PS3.
Lost Planet coming to PS3.
Ace combat 6 coming to PS3.

Nothing can stop PS3.

p.s. need to get 5th bubble back, thnx. =)

nirwanda3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

This article was about the how devs tend to prioritize the 360 version for multi format releases all of those games you listed are exclusive to the PS3 for the time being so that pretty irrelevant its like saying that too human is being prioritized for the 360 over the PS3

the point I was making with my comment was that it will take a long time for the dev's to make the PS3 top priority it's like when the PS2 was dominate big multi format company's like EA would make the PS2 version the top priority over the xbox.

@madden raiders

maybe your right maybe your wrong but what game company directors see at the moment is games sales and the 360 usually outsells the PS3 version even for games like burnout which is predominantly a PS franchise

CrazzyMan3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

as more experience 3rd party developers will get, the better game version ps3 will have.
it was a matter of time.

Bbesides, what BIG 3rd party games ps3 will get this year, which will look and play worse then x360 version?
Bad ps3 multiplatfrom game is in PAST.

Sales, well, let`s see how good GTA4 sales will be on both consoles. =) If x360 DMC4 version outsold ps3 version in NA by 50-60k according to NPD with 2,5 times more consoles, then ps3. :)
Yeah, many games this gen will go multi, but that doesn`t mean ps3 version will be worse. With better SPU programign experience, it can easy outperfrom x360 versions in near future.

p.s. people that disagree with LIST above, you afraid of PS3 3rd party support or what? =))

Genesis53894d ago

I think maybe the only third party developers they talk to were American. Most American developers will focus on the 360 until PS3 install base is larger. Then they will have a lot of catching up to do.

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The gaming GOD3894d ago

That's what N4g is good for nowadays. Even more so than game news. Sad but true

Marceles3894d ago

Flamebait is what fuels N4G's engine it seems...

actas1233894d ago

I think the article talks about small and individual developers that develop those ugly games on XBLA or something..

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jollygoodchap83894d ago

This is gonna get ugly.
Have fun