Pikmin 3 - Gameplay Analysis (Nintendo Direct)

GameXplain: "Join us as we try and uncover every secret the Pikmin 3 trailer from the latest Nintendo Direct is hiding! We take a look at what's new--and what's not--including a well-hidden classic cameo! All this and more in our biggest analysis yet!"

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Eternalb1861d ago

Wow, I missed a ton in this one

yugovega1861d ago

this actually looks better then the previous games in the series which is hard to do with such a quality series. graphically it looks outstanding. and considering it's basically a "launch window" title it shows the wiiu will have graphics good enough to wow us, and the gameplay to keep us.

FlyingFoxy1861d ago

The creatures and things look very detailed, the only thing that looks a bit bland are the ground textures. I expected them to have more detail since it's a first party game.

PigPen1861d ago

There are so many games this year. I don't know if I will be able to keep up.

Starbucks_Fan1861d ago

Games like this make me not mind that the Wii U is not much more powerful than the PS3/360. You don't need powerful specs to make beautiful looking games.

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