PS Vita Weekly Deals - Vita Wifi $199.99, Soul Sacrifice $34.99 and more

PS Vita Weekly Deals from Amazon, Frys, Gamestop, Best Buy, Newegg, Target and Cowboom.

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andrewsimons1859d ago

Just bought Soul Sacrifice and Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation.

Salooh1859d ago

I wish i could do the same. I only buy vita games when ps3 have none. The first 6 months are full of amazing games. I have to buy Remember me/The last of us and then i will see if i could buy vita games. However, Jack and daxter collection is day one for vita :)

ABizzel11859d ago

This is going to be a hard year for the Vita, and I think it's going to have to wait until 2014 to finally take off.

The PS4 and Nextbox are launching and will overshadow anything the Vita attempts to do. The one good thing about the launch of the PS4 for the Vita is that remote play should actually work like PSP gamers always wanted it to. However, you need to have your PS4 first, which will prevent many gamers from buying the Vita until 2014 - 2015 to recoup the hit to the wallet from the PS4.

Another hit to the Vita's 2013 plans is a potential PS3 price drop. The PS3 could very well drop down to $150 - $199 this holiday with the launch of the PS4 (No it won't affect sales of the PS4, because people who want to get a PS4 more than likely already owned a PS3 by now).

I think Vita will take a silent backseat this holiday season, to let it's console brother shine this holiday. But 2014 will finally be the year of the Vita with a possible cheaper 4G model, 16GB / 32GB version, for $179 - $199 along with a line-up of huge AAA and indie titles GTA Vita, a good COD Vita, Assassin's Creed Liberation 2, God of War Vita, Gran Turismo 6 Vita, Uncharted Vita 2, and more all coming out in one year.

tubers1859d ago

$ 199.99 VITA
$ 29.99 16 GB MMC

Decent deals..

Planned to get another 16 GB too bad my local BB ran out of it :P