Wii U Weekly Deals - B1G1 40% OFF, Assassin's Creed III/Black Ops 2 $29.99 and more

Wii U Weekly Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us, GameStop, Target and Frys.

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yugovega1861d ago

I must know why 007 legends has not been marked down anywhere? it can't be that good

Apollo11861d ago

It is for $29.90 at Amazon.

yugovega1861d ago

finally. I just checked it last week and it was still 60. thanks

aLucidMind1861d ago

Yeah, it is mainly just selling steadily enough to keep it at it's current tag. It's good but not anywhere near $60 good. You can also price match Amazon's 29.90 price at Best Buy to get it now rather than wait a couple days for shipping if it is Amazon and not someone selling it on Amazon.

Apollo11860d ago

If he has a prime account, he can get it in two days.

Jek_Porkins1861d ago

Those are some pretty nice deals, I have some of the games, and I'd love to buy some of the other third party games even though I already have games like Arkham City, Black Ops 2 and Assassins Creed 3, I'd buy them again if there were an achievement system on the Wii U.

ABizzel11861d ago

Well here's another opportunity to buy some 3rd party games Wii U owners.

NegativeCreepWA1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Just curious, how much would you guys sell a Wii U deluxe model, with a motion+ wand, nun chuck, Zombie U, NSMB U, and Monster Hunter, as a used bundle for?

aLucidMind1860d ago

Sell the Wii-U deluxe model for $300 with the games undercutting the cheapest retail prices, new or used, by $10. I may also say to go for $250 or $200 at least for the Wii-U since it isn't selling in stores very well in comparison to any other console, past nintendo consoles included.