Stunning PS4 Game Cases, Which Concepts Do You Prefer?

Let’s be honest, we are kind of tired of PS3 game cases since it’s been almost 7 years since the console came out.

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Typical-Guy1797d ago

The black one looks so EPIC... Imagine this on my table next to the DS4 "screams like a girl" ;-)

abzdine1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

i dont like any of these.

i would like the slim blue boxes for bluray they dont take much space and they're quite well made

KrisButtar1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think they are going to be like the bluray movie cases in shape and size like you said, just not in colour. Manuals are the reason game cases are thicker than the bluray ones. Most manuals are now digital and I see that trend carrying onto next gen meaning thinner cases

EeJLP-1797d ago

The blue looks ugly IMO.. clear or black.

EeJLP-1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Too late to edit.. I mean clear or black as far as the cases go (clear if you want them looking nice next to your PS3 collection, or black to set them apart and look a bit more badass). Black period for the main color of the box art templates, keep it classy, not in your face and detracting from the game art like the green 360 template.

The blue is fine as the accent coloring, but not as the main color.

That would go nicely with people's PS3 collections. It looks the same besides the blue instead of red accents, and the black cases would help set it apart (but could make your collection look a bit off depending how your have them sorted. I just do alphabetically and mix the gens.).


The author says it would be boring if they keep the PS3 cases layout, but then he provided what looks like the same layout only with black cases and some blue notes (instead of clear cases with silver and red as we had seen on PS3)... Anyway, this looks good enough for me, although I don't think it would be black but really dark smokey, as it's been a long time since I last see a solid colored case (they are usually transluscent for games). On a down side though, the clear cases allow for inside/reverse side art of the cover which a collored case would block/distort.

Personally I don't care so much, sure if it looks cool on my shelf it's better, just like the console design itself... But quite frankly, as long as the insides are nice, I won't be spending so much time looking at my shelf.

minimur121796d ago

the third one, black image black case is awesome.

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Conan-O-Brady1797d ago

I agree, those black cases with their black accents are the tits.....

sourav931797d ago

Really hard to imagine Visari screaming like a girl xD

duli141797d ago

Yea the black one looks good, will go nice with a black ps4

tigertron1797d ago

Hopefully someone sends this to GG. I want to see this as the official box art, or at least, the special edition.

GameCents1797d ago

Drive Club ones look pretty meh. But the black cover Killzone ones look pretty awesome.
Very impressive.

LackTrue4K1797d ago

i hope sony comes back with the old Blue/Black theme they had on the ps2!!!!

dcortz20271797d ago

I agree, the black case is class!!

ScepticTankAvenger1797d ago

Hell yeah the black one would look awesome

cannon88001796d ago

LOL Killzone shadow fall rated T for teen. not gonna happen.

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VsAssassin1797d ago

My comment is about the boxart itself. I like it a lot! The one with ISA and Helghast facing away is very classy! The orange Helghast in the black background looks simple yet elegant too!

Minato-Namikaze1797d ago

They need to make sure it stays transparent though. I like finding the backart on games.

True_Samurai1797d ago

The black one is stunning

Y_51501797d ago

It is. I like how well the PS4 logo goes with the case design. But I like the first one as well. It shows whats the game is about. I didn't like Drive clubs cover art thought, it looked dull.

Oh_Yeah1797d ago

Black, gray, blue or transparent cases are cool with me. I don't care if they mix it up even. Use Black for M rated games, Gray for Teen, Blue for greatest hits, and Transparent for E rated games. Think that'd be pretty neat.

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