Kevin Conroy returning for Batman: Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy announces he's back for Arkham Origins at Dallas Comic-Con.

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excaliburps1859d ago

Multiply that by a hundred! Yay!!!!!! :D Batman game without Conroy would be incomplete. :D

BiggCMan1859d ago

I'm glad for the fans and all, but personally I don't really like him enough to care. He's not bad of course, but to me, he's not really unique. Like, if he was in another video game voicing some other character, I wouldn't be able to tell it was him cuz his voice sounds generic to me.

Baka-akaB1859d ago

Seems to me that you'd find him "generic" because you probably heard him too much .

He's the Batman since the 90s , once gone , unless they do manage to find someone similar enough , you too will scream bloody murder

BiggCMan1859d ago


On the contrary, I never really watched all the shows he made a whole lot, maybe a little. But I was too young to know who it was then.

And I certainly know I haven't played any Batman games other than Arkham Asylum and City. He just never stood out to me from the get go, and I know i'll get reamed for saying it.

I love Batman, but not for Kevin Conroy, he doesn't add or take away anything to me, he's just there.

Baka-akaB1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I didnt know him or his name till recently , i dont follow many voice actors for games and cartoons like i'd do with japanimation ( no dubs , screw them) . And hell if i gave my opinions on some of today's start i'd get murdered .

But i did notice there is always the same voice for Batman , and of course the Joker .

SaiyanFury1859d ago

I've been watching the Batman cartoons since right around 1990 when Batman: The Animated Series came out. I thought it was groundbreaking with it's great animation styling, and coupled to some truly inspired voice acting, I still hold it as one of the best cartoons of all time. I came to associate Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman during these formative years. As well, Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker and so on. Hearing a Batman that isn't Kevin Conroy would just seem wrong to my ears. Just a personal opinion of course, but I do love hearing the man's voice whence a new Batman comes along. :)

rocky0475861859d ago

BiggCman, I'm SO glad you feel that way, I do too! Ugh! Lol, with that being said though, I'm glad he's back so the fans can be happy.

ziggurcat1859d ago Show
Pozzle1859d ago

To me, Kevin Conroy's voice isn't "generic" because it sounds how Batman should sound. He doesn't need to put on a silly growl like Christian Bale does. His voice is powerful and intimidating all by itself. That's what Batman should sound like imo. Even when he is whispering, he sounds ready to kick someone's ass.

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Donnieboi1859d ago

They were crazy for even considering anyone other than Conroy.

PopRocks3591859d ago

This makes the Justice League theme play in my head. Either way, sweet victory!

3-4-51859d ago

Batman animated series was one of the favorite shows of the 90's and hearing batman with any other voice is just kind of weird now.

hazelamy1859d ago

that is exactly what i was going to say Jony.

in fact i'll say it anyway. YAY!! ^_^

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Lucreto1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Yes this is excellent news.

The news of him not doing the voice deflated the hype a little bit.

listenkids1859d ago

Wonder what haters will move on to next, now this has come to light.

crazysammy1859d ago

Well there's always Hayter... to hate on...

Sandmano1859d ago

Yesssssss Kevin Conroy IS the Batman!!!

itz_zombies1859d ago

More of a Batman then Christian Bale can ever hope to be.

JoySticksFTW1859d ago

whoa! Let's not go overboard...

Conroy IS Batman's voice, but let's give Bale respect where due. His / Nolan's Batman are arguably the best yet.

And this is from a guy that grew up with Superfriends, Adam West Batman, and the Tim Burton movies, all of which I loved.

plaZeHD1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Batman: Arkham City is my favorite game at the current time. Kevin Conroy is the real life Batman. When Batman starts to speak I get goosebumps and some kind of weird feeling that wants more. In fact I get that feeling on most of the main characters in Arkham City [Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Zsasz, Ra's Al Ghul, Two Face and The Joker].

Mikelarry1859d ago

let the video speak for itself

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