Top 5 Underappreciated Games

From DC Universe Online and Rayman Origins to Tomb Raider, and more, the 411 staff counts down the top 5 games that could use a little love from gamers and critics!

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j-blaze1612d ago

imagine if Catherine had Heavy Rain style gameplay mixed with its puzzle platforming elements i think that would be make the game even more unique!.. i would also add Fragile Dreams, SoTD, Bayonetta, Resonance of Fate and Nier.. every gamer need to experience these amazing games!

Yi-Long1612d ago

... but considering they left out the original Japanese voices, I never bothered and I doubt I'll ever will.

Rayman Origins would have sold a whole lot better if they would have just released it as a downloadable game for PSN/XBLA, for 15 bucks.

It's an amazing game, but not a lot of people were willing to pay 50 bucks for it, and once a retail game has been out for 2 months orso, the hype is completely over. If it would have been an XBLA/PSN release, it would still pop up every time near the top of BEST DOWNLOADABLE GAMES lists, thus providing a steady stream of income for Ubisoft.

They got greedy with this game, and in the end they lost out on a lot of sales and money because of that greed.

I'm 100% sure it would have sold at least 10 times as many copies if it would have been released at 15 bucks.

One of the most underrated games this generation IMHO is ilomilo btw. Amazing puzzler for XBLA, gorgeous visuals and sound and design. Fantastic.

OhMyGandhi1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I don't think they got greedy, I just feel like people do not appreciate 2d games as much as they should.

Oh, Operation Flashpoint was downright irratating, and not just because you could die from one shot, but because you'd have to redo a five mile trek to get where you were.

Mercenaries 2 was a broken game. Every square inch of land was a potential death trap, allowing you to fall through and be thrown hundreds of feet into the air and down to your death. It did have nice looking nuclear explosion, though.

Inception1612d ago


Why i felt dejavu about your post. Oh right, you said the same thing for Persona 4. Too bad your decision to dodge great games only because they don't include the japanese voices. And as a fans of japanese dub, surely i can say Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, and Michelle Ruff voices in Catherine are on par with Koichi Yamadera, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Kotono Mitsuishi.

Venemox1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Rayman Origins was well worth the $60 imo. It really gets replay-value right. That is partially because of all the collectibles and challenges (time trials, free all lums, get x amount of points in a level etc), but mostly because it was SO DAMN FUN! Because there is no story to speak of they could focus on creating amazing platforming and incredible graphics which made you want to replay the game over and over again. Even though I have platinumed the game, I still find myself coming back to it time and time again.

Without a doubt the best 2D platformer this gen, way beyond LBP (in terms of gameplay), Mario and Super Meat Boy in my opinion.

Yi-Long1612d ago

I didn't say Rayman Origins isn't worth 60 bucks.

It's a great game, probably one of the best of this gen.

I said it would have sold 10 times more if it had been 15 bucks instead of 50-60 bucks, because it's simply a fact that most gamers never saw this as a full-price game to begin with. It was announced as a downloadable game, then got upgraded to a semi-full priced retail game.

It's not a genre, or a game, that most people will think is 'worth' 50-60 bucks. That's not to say they're right. It's just how gamers think. And sales showed that. Rayman Origins only sold 50,000 copies in it's first month. I'm not sure how many it has sold total up till now.

Now imagine how much it would have sold if it was released at 15 bucks on XBLA/PSN, and would have been in every 'top 5 downloadable games' list in the last 2 years!?

Not just more money and sales, but it also would have been a much better (re)-introduction to the Rayman series, thus creating a much bigger 'base' of fans for future games.

Yi-Long1612d ago

... I agree it's a shame I have to skip some great games due to a decision by the developer/publisher to leave out the option for the original voices.

But it's an option that should always be included, and when it's dub-only I find myself just frustrated anyway, so I don't want to support such practices, and I don't want to buy a game and then be frustrated because they've left something out that should have been in there.

It's 2013. The original voices should always be offered as an option. Size isn't a problem anymore, and they could always offer it as (free) downloadable content, or make the japanese release import-friendly by adding english subs.

admiralvic1612d ago

I don't see why you're defending your point, since it's absolutely right, but completely stupid at the same time.

No matter how good or bad a game is, decreasing the asking price will almost always result in more sales. I guarantee The Last of Us could outsell CoD if they lowered the price to a $1 on launch, perhaps even if they lowered it to $15 dollars at launch, but this is all really just common sense. and doesn't account for how much the game cost to make, nor does it guarantee they would make a profit either.

As far as your later remark go, you couldn't be more wrong. Rayman Origins didn't sell poorly because people didn't think it was worth the money per se, but because of modest advertisement (I can still buy the preorder item at my local BestBuy lol) and the fact it was a crowded release.

At the same time as Rayman Origins, you also had Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Saints Row 3, Modern Warfare 3 and even if you overlook the fact they were different genres, Sonic Generations (released prior) and Super Mario 3D Land both released that month too. Needless to say, Rayman Origins got destroyed by so many arguably better quality games releasing at the same time and was largely forgotten (which is what people predict will happen to Legends).

As far as your "This isn't a genre that most people think are worth the money" goes, I hate to break it to you, but Mario consistently sells at MSRP with virtually no complaints about value.

Anyway, clearly you're grasping at straws and are making an absurd number of jumps to conclusions. I honestly don't think Rayman Origins would have made it in the top #5 if it released on the PSN / XBLA / E-Shop for $15 in the first month (look at the number of games that released that month! That's not even counting Batman Arkham City from the month before either...) and Spelunker, which was originally a 3,500 yen psn game (This is at least $35 dollars btw) released on the US store for $10 dollars (?!) and sold quite poorly. Nothing says Rayman Origins would have done better and even if it would have, it would have devalued the brand. Like people would have assumed Rayman Legends would also be a $15 dollar title and in turn would have been irked at them wanting $60 for a sequel to a $15 dollar game. The best thing they can do (which is what they did) was offer it for free with Plus (the Vita version is free in EU next month), which will get more players and not devalue the brand.

Oh_Yeah1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I don't quite understand why some English speakers want the Japanese voices in some games/shows. It makes no sense...
On topic I'd say Vanquish. The gameplay was Incredible.

Yi-Long1612d ago

I wasn't talking about sales-lists. I was talking about article-lists of which many get posted all the time on websites and fora.

Imagine that every time a list like that pops up (top 10 downloadable games, top 5 XBLA games, top 10 bargains, etc etc), Rayman Origins shows up. That's FREE advertising, a whole lot of positive word-of-mouth, and a continued interest and thus sales.

You're comparing Rayman to Mario. Mario is much more well-known. Rayman isn't. Mario doesn't need a 15 dollar price to get amazing word of mouth and lots of sales.

It has an installed fanbase who are very willing to buy it day 1 for full price (although that audience seems to be shrinking).

Rayman doesn't. That's not an indication of the quality of the game, which might be even higher than the latest Mario games, but an indication that it's just a lesser known brand.

If you would have been on the fora back then, when Rayman Origins was announced, when it was announced it was going to be a full priced title instead of 15 bucks, and when it actually game out, the general consensus was: Looks like an amazing game, but I'll wait till it drops in price a bit. Most people on those fora who were interested in the game, were put off by the 40-50$ asking price. That's not my 'opinion', that's fact.

No matter the cost of production, it's about how much money you make from a game, and you'll make a lot more money by selling a 15$ game to 10 people, instead of selling a 50$ game to 1-2 people. Especially if the 15$ game keeps selling very well over a much longer period.

You mention it got poor advertising, but having released it at 15$ would have gotten it all the positive free word-of-mouth it needed.

Also, an unknown game like Super Meat Boy has already managed to sell over 2 million copies and keeps selling.

Same genre. Pretty much same release-date. Less greedy. More sales. Big profit. Many more very happy gamers who enjoyed playing it and willing to pick up their next games on day 1.

So no, I don't think I'm wrong. It would have made Ubisoft a lot more money if they would have been a little bit less greedy, and had released it for 15 bucks as a downloadable title.

admiralvic1612d ago

@ Oh_Yeah

I am fluent in both, so I just prefer Japanese. With that being said, the Japanese typically cast better people than the US and so I find it more enjoyable.

@ Yi-Long

Spelunker HD still has more value than Rayman Origins and is literally less money than your your hypothetical situation, yet I've never seen it listed in any of those articles ever (though I very rarely see them).

To give you an idea, Spelunker HD has 100 stages, alternate versions for online with 100 more there. 10 different themes and the ability to play "8 bit" or HD. Has a platinum trophy and home items. Supports 6 player co op.
Has another mode for racing and screwing your friends over and a later update added 10 more challenge levels for free. From here 9 DLC packs with 90 (which can be played on/off) total levels were added for $2 dollars per 10 levels and added 200 more collectibles to the game, much like how the original 100 levels had 200 collectibles. Also not that it matters, but Spelunker is also a platformer too.

I am not comparing Rayman to Mario, I am comparing a platformer to a platformer. People think Mario and to a lesser degree Sonic games are worth $60 dollars, so it has nothing to do with the genre...

People generally wait for the price to drop if they don't think it will sell. Like I know Mario / CoD generally won't go on sale, so I might as well buy on day 1 if I want them. At the same time, if Rayman Origins goes against ALL of those more popular games, I might as well wait, since that dropped to $20 in a blink of the eye.

Clearly you're disillusional, since you seem to think that a lower price would have INSTANTLY saved the game, when it wouldn't. Just because the game was $15, it doesn't mean any site would have given it any advertisement, in fact I recall some people THINKING it was a $15 dollar title and were shocked to see it go for what it did. Also Super Meat Boy is an exception, not the rule. There is also Castle Crashers, which is probably one of the biggest downloadable games, yet there are other games that just DO NOT sell. Orgarhythm has under 1.2k people tracked (trophy sites) between Japan / EU / US and got great review scores (that I don't agree with). Anyway, you're pretty much assuming that this game would become this amazing thing (something that most digital titles don't get) and believe that everyone would have praised it for being amazing, just because it released for a little less, when in reality... it probably would have sold more, but I doubt it would have turned a profit.

ShaunCameron1611d ago

I don't think a lower price point would have saved Rayman Origins. If anything this was a case of poor marketing and really bad timing. It came out in the same month as:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Sonic Generations
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Saints Row: The Third
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

By the way, I bought the Wii version the day after it launched. Great game.

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icecoldfire1612d ago

You know........ there are such things called Western Developed Games.

Muffins12231612d ago

Okay just because Catherine was under-appreciated in america dose not mean it is in the rest of the world.

jeffgoldwin1612d ago

So now authors have to specifiy, region by region, and take several million surveys to be totally accurate on a website that only English speaking people are reading. gtfo

kreate1612d ago

catherine was great!
beated the ps3 version than took another route in the xbox version.

Baka-akaB1612d ago

Doesnt strikes well with me to call under appreciated or underrated ,a game its publishers and devs found to be performing well and successful . Do we wish they had more appeal to the world ? Yes , most likely , but that's it .

Catherine did quite fine worldwide and already justified its existence with the japanese release alone .

Sketchy_Galore1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I've been playing Catherine since picking it up free on Playstation plus. I had been considering buying it for a while and artistically it's beautiful. It really feels like a labour of love rather than another generic cash cow and it's a great example of how games are capable of so much more variety and originality than they often get chance to show.

Having said that, I'm just not up to the challenge. I'm only on the third night and have been stuck on one of the climbs for days. Not even the boss either. I've considered deleting it and moving on because every time I play I just end up frustrated. Still, I admit that's just me. I'm just not up to it and I tend to play games more for the experience than the challenge.

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