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Sony Santa Monica Still Working on PlayStation All-Stars DLC

PlayStation Euphoria writes: We have been recently attempting to find out the whereabouts as to the next set of DLC coming out for PlayStation All-Stars. Well the good news is there has been some kind of confirmation over at the PlayStation community forums which reveals a recent twitter response from Seth Killian (Lead Game Designer) on the situation. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3, Seth Killian)

RmanX1000  +   333d ago
SuperBot did an amazing job with the initial release and Kat & Emmett were welcome DLC additions. Zeus & Isaac got mixed reception across the board... But i hope Santa Monica steps it up with some really cool DLC.
jamesdpseuphoria  +   333d ago
I totally agree with you, but honestly yeah I'm not too sure myself what exactly happened with the release of Zeus & Issac. Something was definitely not right and I felt like they might have rushed the release of those characters because of God of War: Ascension. There attention there seemed somewhat lackluster which is understandable I guess.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   333d ago
They really need to get some Iconic characters in there.

Honestly I want them to stop and make a sequel with a huge roster,like 30-40.
jimbobwahey  +   333d ago
I doubt there will be a sequel because hardly anybody bought PlayStation All-Stars. Same as Twisted Metal and Starhawk, people don't buy the games and so the developers are gone.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   333d ago
They need to learn to advertise better.
ZeroX9876  +   332d ago
for twisted metal, I pre-ordered it very early, but the online portion of the game didn't work for me.
Zerogrifter  +   332d ago
I really hate when fighting games do this - it splits the community and usually just adds in one or two new "game mechanics" (see also: gimmicks) which tend to make a game worse than it's predecessor.

Now a downloadable expansion (like a "Super" version) which is still compatible with the first game adding moar! levels and characters instead piecemealing them to us would be pretty awesome. I have a feeling that when people drop 5 bucks for a character they end up disliking there is a chance of feeling a bit burnt/jaded and will have a lower probability of shelling out in the future.
Majin-vegeta  +   333d ago
ginsunuva  +   333d ago
Sony shouldnt have made them rush for the holidays. Though then the ps4 would be coming out and this game may be useless. So they should have started development way earlier.
Drainage  +   333d ago
they shouldve been a ps4 launch hype game since ppl wouldnt know if it sucked or not
Protosism  +   333d ago
I get the feeling we won't be seeing any more new characters.
Agent_hitman  +   333d ago
This game is really boring, I hope that Sony will include Square enix characters in the near future.
r21  +   333d ago
Tell SE that, they own the characters. Pretty sure Sony asked for them but SE denied the use. Such dick move IMO.
Dj7FairyTail  +   333d ago
never gonna happen not unless Square Enix gets money
DarkZane  +   333d ago
Like someone said, we probably won't see anymore characters and if we do, it's probably gonna be some random ones no one want.
Dropdeadll  +   333d ago
They should make DLC for StarHawk.
ConsoleHQ  +   333d ago
Honestly, I don't see anything besides costumes.
What I think they should do is a piecemeal model. You pay for the stages and characters you want. They need to get this game in more homes because it is a great game, people just need to find out.
WeAreLegion  +   333d ago
I just want a sequel. New name. More characters. More modes.

I loved the first game. In order for the next one to sell, you'll have to do a LOT of marketing and a lot of fan service. The die-hards aren't the ones who made Super Smash Bros. so successful. It's the casuals who saw the game, recognized one or two characters they liked, and impulse bought it.
thelaughingwiseman  +   333d ago
I would like to see Hana from Fear Effect and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus. Then there's Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, Ghost from MW2, maybe get some sports athletes from MLB the show or NCAA football. Get creative with the All stars. There is also Nathan Hale or a Chimera from Resistance, One of the creatures from Demon Souls (the predecessor to Dark Souls), The End from MGS 3, Clyde the protagonist from Grand Theft Auto 3, Altair from AC. A Yukuza character, a character from Valyrie Chronicles,. Even though there isn't a chance for Crash or Spyro, there are still MANY all stars that could have been aded
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mrmarvel29  +   332d ago
I love this game. Hopefully we get some cool characters.
stargatefan   332d ago | Spam
Alistor53259  +   329d ago
I always thought this game was awesome. True, the unbalanced part of it is ridiculous, but this game has potential, and I play it all the time. By the way, been playing online for two days, and almost a red belt with using only PaRappa, no spamming, no cheap characters, legit earnings. :-D And this is me kind of hoping, but if they got the original Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Dart from Legend of Dragoon in this game, even as rivals, I would be overjoyed. They are, in my opinion, true PlayStation All-Stars, and belong in this game. Those games are two of my five favorite PlayStation classics, and would love to brawl them out in All-Stars (No comparison pun intended, honestly. Keeping it due to irony. :-P).

Alucard (heavy hitter, very few combos, if any)
Lv. 1 - Wolf Charge (Harmony of Despair)
Lv. 2 - Wing Smash (Symphony of the Night)
Lv. 3 - Soul Steal (Kills all on the screen, gives some AP to Alucard)

Dart (Lv. 1 is weak, can combo quite a bit on ground)
Lv. 1 - Finishing Blow (runs up and slashes like he does to finish bosses)
Lv. 2 - Dragoon Form (temporarily transforms; physical attacks only)
Lv. 3 - Explosion (blasts flames vertically while he can slash)

Just some ideas. Like I said, the only thing this game needs is more balancing. It's a pretty good game already, in my opinion.
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