Sony Santa Monica Still Working on PlayStation All-Stars DLC

PlayStation Euphoria writes: We have been recently attempting to find out the whereabouts as to the next set of DLC coming out for PlayStation All-Stars. Well the good news is there has been some kind of confirmation over at the PlayStation community forums which reveals a recent twitter response from Seth Killian (Lead Game Designer) on the situation.

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RmanX10001833d ago

SuperBot did an amazing job with the initial release and Kat & Emmett were welcome DLC additions. Zeus & Isaac got mixed reception across the board... But i hope Santa Monica steps it up with some really cool DLC.

jamesdpseuphoria1832d ago

I totally agree with you, but honestly yeah I'm not too sure myself what exactly happened with the release of Zeus & Issac. Something was definitely not right and I felt like they might have rushed the release of those characters because of God of War: Ascension. There attention there seemed somewhat lackluster which is understandable I guess.

KingKelloggTheWH1832d ago

They really need to get some Iconic characters in there.

Honestly I want them to stop and make a sequel with a huge roster,like 30-40.

jimbobwahey1832d ago

I doubt there will be a sequel because hardly anybody bought PlayStation All-Stars. Same as Twisted Metal and Starhawk, people don't buy the games and so the developers are gone.

KingKelloggTheWH1832d ago

They need to learn to advertise better.

ZeroX98761832d ago

for twisted metal, I pre-ordered it very early, but the online portion of the game didn't work for me.

Zerogrifter1832d ago

I really hate when fighting games do this - it splits the community and usually just adds in one or two new "game mechanics" (see also: gimmicks) which tend to make a game worse than it's predecessor.

Now a downloadable expansion (like a "Super" version) which is still compatible with the first game adding moar! levels and characters instead piecemealing them to us would be pretty awesome. I have a feeling that when people drop 5 bucks for a character they end up disliking there is a chance of feeling a bit burnt/jaded and will have a lower probability of shelling out in the future.

ginsunuva1832d ago

Sony shouldnt have made them rush for the holidays. Though then the ps4 would be coming out and this game may be useless. So they should have started development way earlier.

Drainage1832d ago

they shouldve been a ps4 launch hype game since ppl wouldnt know if it sucked or not

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The story is too old to be commented.