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Gaming Union: "Star Trek: The Video Game turns out to be another dismal entry into the film/video game sub-genre and it's one that fans of the Star Trek and gaming would do well to avoid. Despite the pedigree of Digital Extremes behind it, there isn't much to recommend aside from the story. The gameplay mechanics are very dated and everything about the experience seems as watered down as possible. There are small glimpses of what might have been here and there, but that's just not good enough."

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Agent_hitman1801d ago

lol Star trek the video game...lolololol

Xof1801d ago

Eh, at least it's better than the movie.

tigertron1801d ago

That was a poor attempt at trolling.

seanpitt231801d ago

I don't know about Star Trek I have not seen it but I know the Iron man game is better than the movie because iron man 3 was a big mess and is the worst film I have seen for a long while.

AusRogo1801d ago

Actually thought both Star Trek movies were great! Had high hopes for this game but it sucks :(

1801d ago