Today’s Gamers Are Having A Little Trouble With Super Mario World, Too

By Stephen Totilo

It was recently established that the 2013 gamer is perplexed by some parts of 1994′s Super Metroid. The 2013 gamer is having some issues with 1990′s Super Mario World, too.

We can see these struggles on the Nintendo Wii U’s Miiverse, a community accessible primarily through Nintendo’s new console. The Miiverse enables gamers to take screenshots of what they’re playing on the Wii U and then ask other system owners for help.

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ltachiUchiha2011d ago

I dont own a wii u yet but seems like a small issue to complain about but then again everyone is different.

grailly2011d ago

I don't think anyone has said it was an issue with the WiiU, it's more of a commentary on how games have changed and newer players have trouble completing classic games.

I think it's rather cool that there's a system built right into the console to ask for help from other players though. I don't know how fast the question is sent out to other players, but if it's quick, it's really cool.

ltachiUchiha2011d ago

Thats what I noticed. Funny thing is my little brother kicks my but on most fps games but we play old classic games like pacman, mario, tetris or donkey kong jr and I always beat him lol. Those old classics are like cryptal night to these new breeds of clark kents lol.

yugovega2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

it's instant posts. like facebook, or n4g. even the screenshots are instant. it's a really great feature. and an easy way to gain new friends and discuss the games we love with strangers.

3-4-52011d ago

Maybe the children of today are not as intelligent as we were ?

I'd like to think that isn't the case, but they've all grown up on easy mode everything and everything being tweaked and catered to their liking and preference that I just don't think they are prepared to be challenged like we were at games.

I don't remember too many play sessions as a kid were me and friends actually finished or beat a game.

We would play for 1-3 hours..get far or as far as we could until dying wasn't fun anymore...then switch to a new game with a new challenge and try it all over again.

I like that games aren't as difficult now, but we need to stop making games less difficult for the 1-3% of gamers who are just too stupid to understand anything.

grailly2011d ago

I know that when you post a message it goes strait to the nintendo severs, but then for someone to answer it has to randomly pop up on somebodies screen. I don't know if that part is immediate.

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Majin-vegeta2011d ago

All i can say is Lol.I havent played this game since i was 12 but i could do better than these scrubs.

Blackdeath_6632011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

it speaks volumes about nintendo's player base. i can see why third party devs would shy away from selling their games to an audience who struggle with beating super mario. its sad really to compare this to the nintendo which was famed for having such amazing RPG experiences.

EDIT: this is the full picture i couldn't view the other one properly for some reason

--Onilink--2011d ago

hahaha really? good god, it's amazing how easy people can open their mouths to speak pure nonsense just to complain about Nintendo

_QQ_2011d ago

and what player base do you come from noob?

iplay1up22011d ago

What are you talking about? Some classic games are much harder than today's "hardcore games". Super Mario World, is a fun game, but can be down right frustrating at times. On Wii U, though you can cheat and save anywhere in the game, and that makes the game a little easier.

jcnba282011d ago

Wow you're so cool, I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

exfatal2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

dont u mean grow little? as in shave off like 10years off ur current age?

Keeping on topic though, God me and my friend recently played this game, only truly hard stages are the special stages after star world.

BeZdaBest2011d ago

idk who said mario was a easy game.. that sh!t be tuff sometimes...

grailly2011d ago

why are you getting disagrees? mario games are tough, (maybe not the recent ones) , I never was able to finish the gameboy mario as a kid.

BeZdaBest2011d ago

probably some fanboys... who knows.. i for one thought nsmbu had SOME tuff stages..

exfatal2011d ago

oh man dont get me started on super mario world 3. the final stages getting to bowser was a nightmare...

--Onilink--2011d ago

yeah... NSMBU had some infuriatingly difficult stages later on. And NSLU seems to be aiming for thougher stages

Kamikaze1352011d ago

Yeah, it can be....especially if you want to get 100%

ziggurcat2011d ago

it's pretty sad if gamers today are having trouble with super mario world...

-GametimeUK-2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Some people are stuck in the forest of illusion. That world requires you to use a secret exit, otherwise you get stuck there. It's understandable that someone could have problems there.

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