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New Xbox more than a game console for Microsoft

Microsoft Corp is set to make a splash this week with the eagerly awaited unveiling of its new Xbox game console, eight years after the last version, as it seeks a larger share of the $65 billion a year global computer gaming industry. (Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   554d ago
Well isn't that obvious =\
dedicatedtogamers  +   553d ago
But we don't want to know how much "more than a console" the NextBox will be.

We want to know how much "less than a console" it will be. Gaming sacrificed for multimedia movie-watching Kinect-playing entertainment box? We'll see, I guess...
JoGam  +   553d ago
I agree. Besides all the rumors, we really don't know how much more other than gaming the console will be. Honestly if MS developed a great console that developers like and introduce new AAA games while adding other features that compliments and conbined TV with other things then i don't see a problem. I don't care if the next xbox also makes toast, as long as it providing great games and not forgetting about the hardcore gamers then im good.
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loulou  +   553d ago

give it a rest. if it plays games, then how can it be less than a console?

how is gaming sacrificed when it plays games???

yes the same qustion twice. you kids are like dogs with a bone ffs
Blackdeath_663  +   553d ago
the focus won't be entirely on games they will have to provide for the other services they implement. so time and money that could have been spent creating more exclusive, promoting indie devs and whatnot will be spent on the other services while sony for example doesn't need to support extra features that gamers won't even use. but i agree with @JoGam if the core gamers aren't compromised then its all good but judging by the way MS completely abandoned the core gamers this gen in favour for the kinect that is not very likely
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GamingWorldPeace  +   553d ago
What does Gaming sacrificed means? Does that mean that when I am in a middle of a game, suddenly a commercial break pops up to pause the game or something. As far as I know every third party publishers are making games for both next gen consoles. I swear you people are like politicians, coming up with crazy wordings.
bintarok  +   553d ago
It Only Does Everything ?
History has demonstrated that all modern consoles can do more than just gaming, like many PS2 or PSP owners they've sacrificed the sole purpose of gaming for *additional* multimedia functions via mod chips or custom firmwares. Even the PS3 was very popular as the best Blu-Ray media player, and quite many have bought it for movie entertainment. It helps increasing the PS3 sales too, you like it or not. Remember the "It Only Does Everything" slogan?

Now if i am a gamer-focused fan then the obvious choice will be the PS4. Obviously we're all not the same, so options always good for many. Eeach console is targeting different audience, it's not a rocket science to understand.
ichimaru  +   553d ago
im sincerely curious, how do extra features "take away" from gaming? You make it seem as if developing a console is an game of ultimatums. "uh we can either have x amount of ram, or a tv app" the two are mutually exclusive.
LogicStomper  +   553d ago
"We want to know how much "less than a console" it will be. Gaming sacrificed for multimedia movie-watching Kinect-playing entertainment box?"

Yep cause the Microsoft's gaming division is TOTALLY the social-aspect division.

TheSauce  +   553d ago
aaannnddd..here are the trolls

never fail to disappoint
GamersRulz  +   553d ago
extra features are always welcome unless it takes the focus from the primary console job which is gaming.

PS3 was bashed to hell for its ability to play bluray movies!!

I still don't understand the reasons behind that, how come an extra feature treated like a negative?!

let's wait and see.
loulou  +   553d ago
no it wasn't you prat. it was bashed for the extra cost and delays ffs.

so i suppose the ps2 was bashed for the ability to play dvds.
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3-4-5  +   553d ago
I have a bad feeling Gaming is taking a backseat ride on this new adventure.

I hope not, but it seems gaming isn't the focus like it should be.

Almost everyone who bought a 360 is a gamer who bought it to play games.

They expect those same people to buy the next one if it isn't focused on gaming ? I don't think so.

They will move on to PS4, Wii U & PC if they need to.

Some will stay...I hope I'm one of them, but it's not looking so hot.

Tuesday we will find out and know more though.

After E3 I'll most likely have my mind made up.

I'm 100% getting a Wii U at some point...Not until beginning of 2014 though.
DivineAssault  +   554d ago
i hope it doesnt disappoint.. I am excited to see what they have going on
Noicivamina  +   554d ago
you read my mind :3
ApolloTheBoss  +   553d ago
2 more days.
Noicivamina  +   553d ago
I know, I can smell the good games :D
WeAreLegion  +   553d ago
My... What a strong nose you have.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   553d ago
I hope the new Xbox doesn't suck.
SlapHappyJesus  +   553d ago
It's looking to be a lot of things.
Nothing wrong wit that.

It's all about how much effort they put into new IP this time around though. If it is first and foremost a media device, that's when you will run into problems. At least from a gamer's standpoint, what with the Playstation 4 seemingly setting itself up very nicely as the core console gamer's platform.
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RuleofOne343  +   553d ago
Don't care what it will be just show it, price it & give me a release date.
M-M  +   553d ago
Well based on what we know, that's what they're aiming for.
Neko_Mega  +   553d ago
No duh, but the thing is. I don't see Microsoft pulling it off and by that I mean it not doing as good as they plan it to.

Its nice to be able to stream shows and all. But when I buy a console, I buy it for the games. The rest is icing on the cake.
darx  +   553d ago
The article is about the icing on the cake.
AO1JMM  +   553d ago
Ummmm, I havent seen a game console that hasnt been "more than a gameconsole" in awhile now.

This is new?
Animavicion  +   553d ago
I'm really curious to know what will happen with kinect.

Related image(s)
WeAreLegion  +   553d ago
Source for that pic? A nice Photoshop?
Agent_hitman  +   553d ago
I think the reason why they're changing their vision and target market is due to the lackluster effect of Windows Tablet Rt and the advent of Android and the Convergence devices in the market.

They are no longer just targeting Sony per se, but they're also aiming t Apple or Google with their internet TVs.
pop-voxuli  +   553d ago
And thats the problem. They forgot that this is the "VIDEO GAME" industry, not the "everything + the kitchen sink" industry.
turnerdc  +   553d ago
And what's wrong with that? If they're able to make a great video game console and add all these additional media features then wouldn't that be the best for the consumer? Should a phone only be able to make phone calls or has the addition of cameras and apps lessened the phone's ability to make phone calls. It's the developers that make the game so I don't see how Microsoft adding features to the console would adversely affect a developer's ability to create games.
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pop-voxuli  +   553d ago
I see what you're saying but M$ isn't making a console and adding all sorts of crazy features, they're making a bunch of features and throwing in games as an afterthought. Gaming NEEDS to be first and foremost, and then add some cool stuff.

edit: How can anyone who calls himself a gamer disagree with me on this?
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SDF Repellent  +   553d ago
Agreed turnerdc, If this was the other way around, like the PSP/VITA vs DS situation, they were are proclaiming the PSP is a better fit because of internet, a media player, and other functions like remote play are all features that are holding the DS back and its dual screen is a gimmick. Give me a break, these are the same folks that are praising the Kevin Butler and "It Only Does Everything" campaign like it is the second coming. Now all of a sudden, they feel too much features is a bad thing. Hypocrisy lives on on.

@pop ^^^,
"hey're making a bunch of features and throwing in games as an afterthought"

You are like the 80th person proclaiming that based on what? I purchased over 20 core X360 games during the past 2 years from Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Bioshock Infinite, to inJustice. Have it ever occur to you that the reason why MS hired third party developers to make core games such as Forza Horizon and have People Can Fly to do GeOW Judgement is to provide both core game support to current xbox 360 owners while having the "A" teams such as Epic, Turn-10, and recently assembled studio Black Tusk to put all their effort to make core games for the new console. You know games take 2-3 years, at least, to make and MS just want to have these core games start rolling in as the new gen comes upon us.

May 21, the haters shall...well, keep trolling on Xbox related articles.
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Eldyraen  +   553d ago

Its easy to disagree as consoles have always been about accessibility and convenience and its only natural that all parties (MS, Sony, and even Nintendo) have turned their gazes outwards to bring the same practice to other forms of entertainment/mediums. MS is simply the most vocal about it but far from the only one 'guilty' of the practice. The only thing MS is really guilty of (imo) is the shifting away of new IPs and continued support for the 'less successful' ones to focus on the 'big 3' (Gears, Halo and Forza) late into the generation. I've still been happy with what I've gotten just not necessarily the quantity or diversity of exclusives--but as SDF Repellent said 3rd party has done a great job keeping Xbox fans entertained while waiting for other games.

I am more willing to bet that is because of a huge shift towards next gen though as they know they are going to need something to compete with PS4 as it was unlikely that Sony would: 1)come out a year later and 2)Be slow with early quality exclusives this time around. PS3 had some good launch games but nothing 'special' compared to what we've seen from them for the PS4 release window. Its unfortunate but MS more than likely needed those 2-3 years we've been coping with (minus the 'big 3' of course) to have a real hope to level the playing field come a true competitive release that we're likely to see.

I do agree they have had made some mistakes but I don't necessarily see it as a complete redirection of their goals so much as an unfortunate necessity. Gaming does need to be first in a sense but gaming is also the easy part of a console as its what they have always done. Its the 'everything + kitchen sink' that they (all console manufacturers) have had to focus on to stay competitive (same way Sony has used DVD and Blu-Ray in the past--it wasn't just the storage medium for games but a means to entice a totally different market). I love my games but there is still so much more a console can do which all 3 have proven this generation. Netflix for example--HUGELY popular among console owners although technically possible without one. You can sit back and relax and watch movies with people anywhere in the world (well technically only where available but same idea and applies to other 'non gaming' mediums as well).

Just saying most of what you are saying is 'true' but not necessarily being accepted the way you're saying it (if you know what I'm saying--just to say 'say' again) ;)

Mostly we just have to wait and see how MS has been keeping busy as no denying many of their internal studios haven't shown their faces in a while.
unapersson  +   553d ago
I think it's partly due to the fact that a console has to justify it's position in the front room connected to the TV. They're big and take up a lot of space. So do you want those functions in the console, or does it need to compete for space with a set-top box / DVD / blu-ray player? Usually not everyone in a household is a gamer, so if you want that premium slot in front of the TV you need to be able to sell yourself to different audiences.

When I was a kid these things would be pushed up into bedrooms but the fight now is for that spot in the living room. They want their devices to be the hub for what is displayed on the TV, not simply sharing the display with other devices.
duli14  +   553d ago
the thing is when Microsoft starts to add all these extra features they just forget about the GAMERS! like they have this gen.
maliciousNPC  +   553d ago
They should seperate the two, have an xbox and an xtv box. They are different industries.... MLG (Major League Gaming) there isn't an MLMW (Major League Movie Watching)
DivineAssault  +   553d ago
The reveal wont show us any concrete launch titles or anything.. Prolly just a general idea of what they have cooking & E3 will unleash most of the info.. Price & Date might come in october ;(
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Max-Zorin  +   553d ago
Two more days, World N4G War will happen.
CommonSenseGamer  +   553d ago
If the PS4 does not meet sales expectations Sony will undoubtedly start to promote its diversity, just like they did with the "It only does everything" campaign for the PS3.

Diversity means wider appeal.
urwifeminder  +   553d ago
Its going to be huge friggin massive woo hoo.
MichaelLito79  +   553d ago
Lets wait to May 21st. Right now we know nothing.
Jek_Porkins  +   553d ago
Xbox is a way of life for me, and while I have all the consoles, my Xbox is the go-to guy for everything, even if I'm not in the moodfor gaming, my Xbox is always on for one reason or another. So close! #XboxReveal
pop-voxuli  +   553d ago
What are you 5?
True_Samurai  +   553d ago
You remind me of a pro Xbox guy that made a lot of sense on here his name was EvilDead360. I'm glad to see another pro Xbox guy that talks sense and not nonsense
Jek_Porkins  +   553d ago
EvilDead still posts, I think if he and I have shown anything it's that there is a way to have a positive opinions about Xbox without trolling or arguing with people.

I was actually surprised to get bubbled up recently, especially since I tend to get a ton of disagrees, but I think a lot of pro Xbox people here on this site identify with what I'm saying, even if they are too intimidated to say it. I'm happy to speak my mind when it comes to gaming, and I've garnered a few good followers doing so.

Sadly no, I'm just a lifelong gamer who is really excited for the next #XboxReveal, not sure why you asked my age, but hopefully you realize the average gamer age is mid 30's, and even though I'm not THAT old, I still get as pumped as ever for reveals!
LogicStomper  +   553d ago
"but I think a lot of pro Xbox people here on this site identify with what I'm saying"

I wouldn't necessarily call it "pro Xbox" unless they made unjustified irrational statements hating on other consoles.

I'd say, you just think logically compared to the majority of this site.


What, are you 10? There isn't even a point you're trying to make in your comment. Also, learn to use comma's so you can at-least ACT mature.
Belking  +   553d ago
"upcoming x360 exclusives:

upcoming ps3 exclusives:

gran turismo 6
beyond 2 souls
the last of us
everybody's golf 6
yakuza 5

microsoft abandon x360 just like first xbox

x360 in last place

uncharted 2 and little big planet higher rated than any x360 exclusive
journey higher rated than any xbla exclusive

jump out"

I just wanted to post that to show why sometimes N4G is considered a laughing stock. That was an PM i got from another member a little while ago.....lol All that just because I said something ok about xbox.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   552d ago
You seem rather upset about it.Truth hurts, sometimes.
Belking  +   552d ago
"You seem rather upset about it.Truth hurts, sometimes.

Yep, because tomorrow that's all you fanboys are gonna be doing....dealing with the truth ......lol
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   552d ago
Implying you, yourself are not a fanboy? Thats a sign of delusion, my friend.

Tip: Keep your expectations low, and maybe you'll actually be impressed with their event.
Martywren  +   553d ago
Im looking forward too see wat MS will show.
Max-Zorin  +   553d ago
And another thing, just change your settings to hide people with less than three bubbles. And start blocking. It will be less arguments with trolls. Especially after May 21.
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