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With E3 nearly here AMHNetwork has published their thoughts relating to a few things they'd like to see in the newest Mario Kart for Wii U.
Some good ideas in there just quietly

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TripC501833d ago

Change it to Nintendo Kart. Adds more tracks and characters. Super Smash Bros on wheels.

yugovega1833d ago

agree 100%. or at least make Zelda dlc tracks and karts. but if they switch to flying as well then they better add starfox, slippy, and falco. how great would Mario kart be if you needed to do a barrel roll?

abzdine1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

or if they dont want to change to name they could call it: Mario Kart & Friends or something like that.
they should also make it as good as double dash, best MK ever for me

eagle211833d ago

Or Link, Samus and Fox could be unlocked for players at a high skill level.

Monkeycan81833d ago

Super Smash Kart! I can see it now.

BeZdaBest1832d ago

i have a few names...

nintendo allstar racing( yes i know sega did it but still sounds good)..

super smash derby...(this could be the battle mode name)

mariokart 8: allstar edition..

nintendo grand prix

yugovega1832d ago

i'm sure nabbit will be in mariokart this time. i'l be really shocked if he isn't.

3-4-51832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

* 20 New Tracks / 5 cups
* 20 retro Tracks / 5 cups

* 2 Bonus cups - All tracks in bonus cups are tracks based on games outside of Mario Universe.

EX: Hyrule Field, Green Hill Zone, Kirby track,.ect...

I would LOVE a course/track creator but I don't think we will get one anytime soon.

The music needs to be awesome.

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Gocatters17021833d ago

I was quite keen on all the ideas they mentioned, but seeing you guys talking about other franchises perhaps getting involved would be an excellent addition!

Main_Street_Saint1833d ago

I want to see some more customization in-game much like Smash Bros series; frequency of items or even dropping items from races.

BeZdaBest1832d ago

add like 16 racers at one time.. make the track a little longer...

and the most important to me... add more than 8 cups plz

they should make 8 retro cups.. and 8 all new cups..

and what everybody else is saying.. add moar nintendo characters to the fray..start out with the main ones...than add the side characters as dlc..

Excited2play1832d ago

It's hard to know what to expect from the next iteration, I guess it depends on if retro studios are going to play a role in creating it again with Nintendo, or if Nintendo themselves are going to create Mario Kart 8.

Guess we'll know soon enough. Can't wait to see it in action!

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