Let’s hope The Last of Us isn’t the last shot at blockbuster gaming

By Derek Brown

We all love a good blockbuster – films such as Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, and The Lord Of The Rings.

Some beardy critics may look down on them but cinema-goers lap up their lavish production and enjoy the fact bundles of cash have been thrown at making them.

It’s no different with games. Despite a wealth of cracking budget games on phones and consoles there’s nothing like booting up a mega AAA title such as Call Of Duty.

But unlike movies, the blockbuster game could be an endangered species.

Epic, sprawling games can literally destroy companies financially if punters don’t lap them up in their millions.

Expensive voice actors, orchestral scores, film-like animations, professional scripting and years of coding mean games are now multi-million pound productions.

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NukaCola1765d ago

Last of Us isn't the last of big budget gaming. After this we have GTAV & Beyond and then getting in nextgen.

ltachiUchiha1765d ago

I agree with you but then I kinda understand what the writer means. Good example is tombraider. Despite its good sales to us gamers, its prolly a letdown for square enix because of the time & money put in to make tombraider. I dont think it will go away anytime soon but im afraid that if developers dont see the money they need to make back for these big budget games, it can lead to very negative outcomes like closing down a studio & as a gamer that would kill me inside. Can u imagine if a studio like naughty dog closed down? It wont happen but wow I would be devastated.

Baka-akaB1764d ago

It was only a letdown to SE because they sneakily pinned their hopes of songing off company debts onto the eidos produced titles .

ltachiUchiha1764d ago


True dat, I just hope that this never happens because these AAA games are the ones I enjoy the most. I love all types of games but something about triple AAA games just makes you want to buy it and see or is it worthy of being a big budget game.

KwietStorm1764d ago

But what's more important to you, a great calendar year for gaming or a premature headline to get a fruitless topic discussed, again??

Awesome_Gamer1764d ago

Looking forward to all 3; especially GTA V and The Last of Us.

TripC501765d ago

Next Gen will be more cinematic and blockbustery...

Thatguy-3101764d ago

And it all started why? Uncharted cinematic take on gameplay. For those who disagree I would kindly like to debate about it.

camel_toad1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Uncharted is great no doubt about it but if you think Uncharted started it then you've missed out on a lot of cinematic/gameplay games that came before it.

JoGam1764d ago

U only got three bubbles. Not going to be much of a debate.

peowpeow1764d ago

Honestly I noticed the trend after CoD4. Uncharted 2 just nailed it.

Irishguy951764d ago

So long as it's not at the expense of gameplay...i'm fine with it. Other genre's following Uncharted would be a bad thing. Again, unless they can manage the visuals without sacrificing content or gameplay.

SE - "HD towns are impossible" = facepalm

Blackdeath_6631764d ago

MGS4? is that not a recent example of cinematic game play?

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ProudGamer1764d ago

I don't think it will be. Naughty Dog will see to that.

ziggurcat1764d ago

it won't be, so don't you worry...

ThatCanadianGuy5141764d ago

Maybe if certain other companies contributed, it wouldn't all be up to a select few to handle this.Too busy chasing the casuals, unfortunately.

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The story is too old to be commented.