The Wii U's Rotten Start & the Industry's Rotten Maturity

Phil at SuperPhillip Central writes, "Phil here with an opinion piece that I'm passionate about. Now, don't get me wrong and think SPC's other works aren't passionate. This subject is simply one that really gets my proverbial goat. The Wii U has not had a good launch or even a good week. We've heard developers flat out laugh at the system, and we've heard big time publishers admit that they have no games in development for the system (EA). It seems the industry absolutely loves dirty laundry, as Don Henley once sang. They especially love it when it's against a system they don't care for, because let's face it-- it doesn't matter if you're a ten-year-old kid or a "professional games journalist" (oxymoron there), fanboys come in all shapes and sizes. This piece talks about a number of topics, including premature Wii U death calls, the idiocy of killing off the Wii U already, unprofessional Twitter tirades, and the overall immaturity of the video game industry in general. Prepare to be holier-than-thou'd."

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weekev151707d ago

I disagree that they havent had a good week. They have had a fairly mixed week. EA have panned them but then the Sonic exclusivity is a big deal.

auragenz1707d ago

The last time Sonic was a "big deal" was the 1980's.

Zjet1707d ago


Sonic the Hedgehog released 1991 my friend, i pre ordered that bad boy because Sega had a huge presence in New Zealand in the NES and SNES era

we had the Sega Master system while USA was big on NES, most USA gamers consider the Genesis ( what we call the mega drive ) the first sega console

auragenz1707d ago

Wow, you pre-ordered the first Sonic? That's soo awesome, I didn't realize we had really older gamers here.

Hey, what was it like to play a system with only one button on the controller? I know it worked for sonic cause all he does is jump around, but it must of been tuff for other games, right?

3-4-51707d ago

Also Nintendo E3 games playable at Bestbuy within a month.

MilkMan1707d ago

Ea are fools that don't know their @ss from their elbows. Thats why they are going down the tubes. Next victim, FUSE.

-GametimeUK-1707d ago

I feel like buying a Wii-U. I love my Nintendo games. All tjis immature behaviour won't stop me.

diepdiep1707d ago

The overwhelming hate that Nintendo keeps getting makes me want to to support them more than ever now.

Theyellowflash301707d ago

Yeah, it reminds me of the Gamecube days. The harder the struggle, the more I'll support.

It's really just a matter of time before Nintendo turns things around. They just need the software to back up their system.

The Best Buy event is huge, it would have been nice if Nintendo had a major IP launching around E3 users at Best Buy could pick after trying out the game.

However, that takes time and promotion so it would be hard to launch a IP and do E3 at the same time.

HexxedAvenger1707d ago

I feel the same way honestly. Lol

arbitor3651707d ago

maybe you should actually take the time to look at actual reasons why people are so critical of nintendo and the wii u. instead of just burying your head in the sand. youre basically saying

"the worse nintendo gets, the more I will defend them"

some of you nintendo fans act like nintendo is your little brother or something. and you take everything personally.

Stroke6661707d ago

well he didn't say the worse it gets he said "the harder the sruggle" and he used gamecube as an example that struggled to put out games but pulled around, though too little too late, at the end of its life cycle with some big hitters. I don't believe that will hold true with the Wii U though. I currently own one and its is aggrevating knowing that most of the people saying negative stuff about it never really sat down with one cause I have a muthafukin blast on my shit. and its not about taking it personally it about people/ fanboys/analyst generalizing nintendo and its fan like you just did. so anyone who is a fan of nintendo could take personal offense to what is said. Man i just miss the good ol'days when i had the nintendo system one of my cousins had sony and later on my other cousin got xbox and we'd bring them to eachothers house and game on all of them until the break of day stop to eat breakfast then continue again until lunch. nowadays all the so called hardcore gamer cares about is turning a m rated game on and setting it to demo mode to look at the graphics lol(an obvious exaggeration but you get the point)

ToaLugia1707d ago

Wouldn't you try to support a company you like?

Moonman1707d ago

Bubble for you....Nintendo is a zillion times better than EA ever was or can be. The hours spent playing Nintendo versus EA games is God vs. EA in comparison. :)

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MEsoJD1707d ago

I think a lot of this perceived hate(not saying that there isn't unwarranted) is confusion and frustration towards Nintendo's recent decisions/actions. To me Nintendo is still too traditional in their thinking in certain areas. Games bought from the online store need to be tied to accounts, a yearning to focus again on the hardcore yet implementing sub par hardware(lack of longevity), claiming 100% revenue of LPers, the lack of reaching out to third parties, calling it WiiU(confusing the general consumer), etc...

The WiiU would have been amazing if it came around the same time as ps3 and 360, but it's so underwhelming today.

I think Nintendo is a great software developer, but they aren't evolving fast enough in the hardware/sevice department. So I ask, why shouldn't Nintendo become a third party for home consoles and maybe eventually mobiles? The potential revenue would be huge and money can be focused on developing games.

diepdiep1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Nintendo becoming 3rd party is out of the question.

MEsoJD1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I'm sure the share/stake holders disagree. Also Why? (In your opinion.)

Stroke6661707d ago

Well where to start... the name wii u from wii confused people about as much as playstation 2 did from playstation or dsi from ds. its the way they presented it that confused people. hardware is not sub par no is it obsolete. i can see where the games being tied to the hardware can be a prob but i'm sure nintendo will remedy those deserving of it. for example the person who traded their system in to the local game store can go kick rocks if you gave up your system you gave up your games on it. however if the system malfunctions I'm certain nintendo will remedy it in some way shape or form. in fact they have reached out to third parties but this thing called money runs the world so until they see money in the wii u then it is what it is. they don't put out games for our enjoy i'm sure you know. last but not least ps360 would be wii u's if it were possible back then. and last but not least, i agree with what the author says about them becoming a 3rd party, their games are so good because they are made with their hardware in mind taking that from the equation would leave something absent from the games

lizard812881707d ago

I feel the same way. Nintendo can do better but they don't try to. Us gamers are telling them to make online accounts but they just won't. Nintendo seems stubborn and stuck in the past. Look at the Operation Rainfall games. Nintendo of America said no but gamers said yes. Those games went to sell very well, but it took a long to bring them over because Nintendo was so stubborn.

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