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Deadpool listed for Wii U on Amazon Canada

Deadpool, the upcoming action title starring Marvel's mercenary anti-hero, is listed for Wii U under retailer Amazon Canada. (Deadpool, Wii U)

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PopRocks359  +   336d ago
I find it sad that I have to hope for this to be true, but I hope that this is true. Wii U definitely needs more support right now.


Wouldn't surprise me. Activision's pretty loose with multiplatform releases. That and it's possible that they probably wouldn't mind stepping into the pedestal that EA recently stepped off of with Nintendo.
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NYC_Gamer  +   336d ago
Its from Activision so it could very well be true
MasterCornholio  +   336d ago
Now lets be honest here, im not the only one with a little bit of crap in my pants? Deadpoole
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exfatal  +   336d ago
Oh man i hope this is true, i do like Deadpool. Activison this is ur chance to,make EA regret their decision.
masa2009  +   336d ago
It's a party for Ninty fans when they announce the POSSIBLE release of Deadpool on WiiU. Not a new Fallout, Battlefield or Far Cry. Deadpool. Sad.
BlackWolf  +   336d ago
Let me explain it to you, so you can understand:

1-Up to now, there's been a number of games which wii u version has been revealed through retailers' early posting. SC: Blacklist come to mind. Also, Rayman Legends' versions for ps3 and 360 were revealed this way.

2-There must be a handful of Deadpool and Marvel fans who own a wii u and are eager to buy this game for their console. I for one would love that.

3-It's a major publisher game. This could help to the diminution of the "no third-party support" image the wii u has been carrying.

4-Every promising game that's announced is a blessing for wii u owners, who are experiencing a game drought.

Now, if you're not expecting this game, but would rather wait for the other you've mentioned, that's ok. From that list, I'd like Battlefield and Fallout. But don't you dare mock the excitement other people have for this rumor. Or would you like someone do this for a new Far Cry? I think not.
weekev15  +   336d ago
I have to say Id rather have Deadpool than any of the games you mentioned maybe with the exception of far cry.

I like characters with personality and games with a bit of humour thrown in. Yes its juvenile humour but sue me, its what I enjoy.
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faithinwiiu  +   328d ago
I really hope it's true because it would be AWESOME

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