The Last of Us comic sells out, artbook now up for pre-order

Dark Horse Comics has announced that their prequel comic to the upcoming game The Last of Us has proved so popular that issue 1 has now sold out and is going to a second print run.

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Chaostar1798d ago

Glad I got my copy early on :D

Great so far kind of your typical 'new kid at school' story but it ends just as it's getting interesting. Waiting for issue 2 to drop through my door, I think it's due on the 29th.

GraveLord1798d ago

Spoiler alert much? Jeez...

Nitrowolf21798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

eh how is that a Spoiler? It takes place before the game, and what he just said was just explaining what kind of story it was, not the content of it.

Chaostar1798d ago

Not sure if you're being sarcastic there, trust me I gave nothing away.

Grap1798d ago

i guess "new kid at school" is a spoiler to GraveLord

Cam9771798d ago

I like things like this, it adds an additional layer to the game's world.

DigitalRaptor1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Recently downloaded this on Android. The Limited edition comes with a mini edition of American Dreams #1. But I think I'll just download the rest of them.

The comic seems to flesh out Ellie's back story and character relatively well, which adds to the overall experience. Great idea to include a tie-in story before the game comes out.